Monday, March 2, 2015

Only 10 more letters to write...


Well today I realized that after today I will only have 10 more letters to write home...yikes. I guess I better make them some good ones. 

Hilarious moment of the week:
The greatest thing happened today. So here it is totally normal for men or young men to make a bunch of cat calls and say creepy things to women walking in the street, and it always happens to us. My whole mission I`ve gotten it (mostly cause I`m gringa) and the best move is to always ignore them completely, which I always do. 

Well today we were walking by a group of jovenes that always yells or says things to us when we walk by, like "mamacita linda, te quiero" (pretty mama, I love you) and stuff like that. They do it for attention from their friends and cause they think they are so cool. Well we had to walk by this group of jovenes twice within like 10 seconds. We walked down and passed them, so they yelled at us, (like they always do and have for the last 3 months), well then we decided we actually needed to go down that passage way to visit someone so we turned around and had to pass them again 5 seconds later. Well they yelled more cat calls but one of them said, "mamacita bonita cuando va a invitarme a la iglesia?" (Pretty mama, when are you going to invite me to church?) Well, not being able to ignore that invite, I immediately turned around to go over to chat with them and invite them to church...cause that`s clearly what they were looking for...right? So when I turned around and started walking towards them, the one who yelled that got a look of terror on his face and immediately turned and booked it down the street running full speed away from us, haha. His friends just got real quiet and kind of all huddled together looking ashamed and not sure whether to run or stay and talk to me. I kinda of chuckled and asked them why they didn`t want to talk to us. Then my companion and I walked away laughing pretty hard. I don`t think we`ll be getting any more cat calls from that group.  Good times on the mission.

We are visiting these two viejitos (old people) that are just about the cutest thing ever. The abuelita is like our grandma always telling us where we should and should not go to visit because she's worried about our safety. It`s adorable. They are actually super positive and committed to going to church, so I`m excited about that.

Los viejitos super lindos.
(The super cute old people)
I don`t know why, but this week I felt like I had so much less patience for all the crazy people saying that we worship Joseph Smith and the anti Mormon crap. It just is so ironic that everyone that talks so much about the church and says all these rumors and such have never in their life stepped foot in a Mormon church nor talked with missionaries to know what we actually believe. It`s such a huge problem here in Los Naranjos as well, and while I`ve usually had quite a bit of patience, this week I felt like my patience was leaving and I did not have much. Who knows. Excited for a new week and praying for patience and to know how to help people understand. 

But I know this is true. I know that God lives and loves us. I know Christ was sent to suffer and die for us so that we have the chance to return to live with Him again. He truly is our Savior and I know that He directs this church through a living prophet and it`s an honor and privilege to be a part of this work. I will forever be grateful for this chance I have had to serve. 

Keep up the good work back at home. Be good examples to those around you. And turn to the Savior to get power from His Atonement that will sustain and carry you if you will let it. 

Love you like crazy! Thanks for your killer support and love. 


Hermana Wright
"One of these things is not like the other...can you find it?"

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