Monday, February 24, 2014

Saved by the water bottle...


To quote Buddha, "When you realize how perfect everything is, you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky." A super wise man sent me this quote last week (thanks dad). And there were multiple days and moments when I tried to apply it. I think it´s a neat quote and has a lot to offer. Thought I´d share.
I love all the Jesus slogans...literally everywhere. It´s awesome. 

There´s a cafe in Santa Ana called "Guazup"...pronounced "What´s up". Kills me.

Two good adventures for the week:
I got this gnarly bug bite over a week ago. It ended up having a giant blister bubble thing in the middle full of puss and it popped and then turned purple and all nasty. We went to Santa Ana to see the doctor this week and the doc told me it´s infected and gave me a prescription for a pill to take and a cream to use. Go team go. It´s been lots better since then.  

Lovely Bug Bite

 On Saturday we ran into a member that´s inactive, Ana Gladis. She told us that she was about to sell Chilate and Yuca dulce y Platano dulce. We´d never tried it and she invited us in to try it and so we said yes. My companion has tried Chilate in Honduras and said it´s super delicious, it´s a hot drink they make out of corn. Well this sweet hermana was kind enough to bring each of us a mug full to the brim of this hot drink and a little bowl full of platano dulce y yuca dulce. We both tasted a smidgen of the drink and it was absolutely horrendous. Super thick, and the flavor was wow...something saw dust, but with a flavor I don´t know how to describe. My companion immediately started dry heaving. That´s how awesome it was ha. Thank goodness the sweet hermana wasn´t in the room when this happened. I tried mixing some of the sauce from the sweet bananas in the drink to help, (seeing how we both had a mug full of this nastiness we needed to drink)...but it was useless. I was dreading the fact that we needed to drink this. And my companion as well (seeing how she couldn´t even take a sip without almost vomiting). We both took a few more sips and immediately followed with a bite of platano dulce or yuca dulce para help. Then I thought of my water bottle. Genious. I drank some of the water, and then when she left the room I hurried and poured mine and my companion´s mugs of chilate in my water bottle. My companion has a bad habit of not being able to control herself when she starts laughing. Uh oh. So she of course was having a laugh attack and the hermana was talking to us from the other room and was asking us what was so funny. I´m trying to calm my companion so we don´t get caught and hurrying to hide my water bottle in my backpack, since it´s clear. Haha. We left, without getting caught, and super relieved and grateful for that tender mercy. Then laughed hysterically as I poured out my water bottle filled with chilate in the bushes. Adventures.

As far as this week goes, it was full of ups and downs. But things were better. Mom and dad, thanks for the advice. I really tried to apply all the advice you gave me and it definitely helped. That´s the neat thing about advice. Everything yáll said, the short little sentences in the emails last week were all things that I know and try to live. But having you give me the advice somehow had a bigger affect than me trying to pull it out of my knowledge bank. It´s interesting how that works. It´s not like I learned something new and profound...just a lovely little reminder of what I already know. And that made a big difference. So thanks.

I love you lots and lots. And lots. And just remember who your boss is and you´ll be okay (see foto attached). 


Hermana Wright

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Long week...


Wow, what a week. This may or may not have felt like the longest week of my mission thus far. It has been a little rough for various reasons (but at least I’m not feeling sick). I’m learning a lot, I guess that’s the idea. "Come what may, and love it," I guess. I’m just focusing on one day at a time and I know it could definitely be worse, so I’m reminding myself to count my blessings. And I’ve seen little tender mercies each day which have been little gifts from heaven and I’ve enjoyed with a smile. One of those being a sign recently painted on a wall, "Da siempre lo mejor de ti y lo mejor vendra". Translation: Always give the best of yourself and the best will come. I’m working on that and I know the best will come.

Me and my new companion.
Story of the week:
We had a pretty funny experience Friday. We had an activity called "Noche Espiritual", it’s basically members get together in the home of a member and we sing a hymn, opening and closing prayer, and a spiritual thought and refreshment. Well we were just enjoying life and finishing our Noche Espiritual with a lovely hymn. We’re all singing and feeling the spirit and peace and all that, when all of sudden one of the hermanos (brothers) jumps up and starts stomping on something on the ground. We all were startled, some of us continued singing, trying to keep the spirit, others were laughing, others staring. We ended up finishing the hymn, mas or menos, (more or less) and at the end of the prayer we all jumped up and it turns out it was a snake that was slithering between our legs. And this wasn’t just a little baby guy, it was a pretty decent sized snake and it was black with yellow stripes, which I think is poisonous (but I could just be saying that to make the story better, who knows). The members pulled out the machetes and chased after him as he tried to hide in between a rock and the wall of the house...they ended up cutting him in a couple pieces, to then find out that all three pieces were still alive and moving and slithering. So then they got a giant piece of wood and just started bashing it until it was for sure dead. I was dying laughing at this point. Good times. Adventures! 

We put a date (set a baptismal date) with Sonia, the mom of Arnoldo. She’s going to be baptized March 2nd, and we’re stoked! We taught her last night and it was absolutely beautiful. She’s always been super shy and it’s been like pulling teeth to get her to talk to us, but we planned super well and taught her in the church because the spirit is super strong. She was so open, told us everything and the sacrifices she’s made and how she’s ready and excited to be baptized and it was amazing. The problem with her is that she’s married, but separated from this guy, and so she’s had another boyfriend. Well that’s not good since she’s married and she told us now that she’s left her boyfriend and told him basically that she wants to be baptized and change her life and that means she can’t be with him anymore. She told us how he has said things to her like, "You’ve forgotten about me", and she said, "and the truth is, when I’m in the church, or talking with the Hermanas, it’s totally true, I forget all about him". And she was smiling and super happy as she said it. She wanted to talk about everything and it was amazing. She also told us that she knows she’s a sinner (as we all are) and always said that she would change and with all the changes she’s seen in Arnoldo and everything, she knows that is from God and that she is going to commit to Him. And she offered a beautiful prayer in the end of the lesson that asked that her family and the rest of her hijos (children) will be able to come to this Gospel one day and everything. It was amazing. I had tears come to my eyes and a huge smile on my face and I was and am so happy. I love her with all of my heart. I really do. She’s an amazing example to me and she’s another mom friend in my life and it’s amazing. I’m so grateful for this experience and the opportunity to be a part of her experience and conversion. It’s such an honor. And last night as we said bye to her and finished our night I was still beaming with joy. I thought about my past week which was rough, there were many moments this week when I didn’t want to be a missionary or I wanted to be with my family...but last night none of that mattered. And last night as we put this date (set a baptismal date) with Sonia, someone we’ve been praying with and teaching and spending so much time thinking and planning how we can help her, as we talked with her to prepare her for her baptism, none of the other bad experiences this week mattered. And it was all worth it. And it is all worth it. "Come what may, and love it."
Me helping a member carry stuff to her comp took the pic and this was the only one we got. Everyone carries stuff on their heads, it's pretty awesome.

Love y’all like crazy. Miss you lots. Thanks for the prayers and support. I feel them. 


Hermana Wright

Editors note:  Since I couldn't readily identify a black snake with yellow stripes on-line that was poisonous to El Salvador, we'll hope for the best.  Some things may be better left unknown. :)

Monday, February 10, 2014



We had changes this week. Hermana Najera had changes and left me here in Juayua. It´s weird to have changes. I mean, you work so hard to teach well and find people and finally get a rhythm going and then they switch you. Classic. But things are good.

Transfer Day...old and new companions.
My new companion is also from Honduras y ella se llama Hermana Ortiz. She is 19, just a baby, but good. The first couple days of the changes was a little difficult for me. She has a little stronger personality and I missed Hermana Najera a lot. And I am now the senior companion and in charge...which means I make lots of the decisions because I know the members, know the area, etc. Not because I know what I´m doing...I don´t haha, but I´m learning a lot. I have definitely learned a lot already through the last 5 days with a new companion, and I know I´m going to learn and grow a lot during this change.

Last P-day together.

I taught Gustavo piano Saturday and it was so much fun! I loved it. It´s only the second time I taught him, but he´s learning so fast. He´s really smart and he´s excited. My goal with him is basically to teach him how to read music. Because if I can teach him how to read music, then he can actually practice and progress on his own when I leave in 5 weeks or whatever. But tonight the Bishop came to work with us and so I asked him how it was going and how he feels and he said that Gustavo is super excited about it all. He told me that Gustavo tried to learn from a joven (young man) that plays the piano in the church awhile back, but it was super informal and he didn´t really know much or know how to teach him so Gustavo said he was wasting his time. Then the Bishop told me that Gustavo told him, "It´s okay Dad, I know that the Lord will bring someone into my life that will teach me how to play, I´m not worried." This made me so happy and made me want to cry I was so touched. 1= because that´s killer faith, and a great example to all of us 2= because I can possibly be that person, 3= because I love the Bishop and his sweet family. 

Stairs we sometimes run for exercise.
  I have really gained an immense love for the people here. I really do love them so much, I can´t even describe it. I just want to be a part of their lives and help them to learn about Christ and to be happy. And when I focus on them, I´m completely happy and I forget myself, and it´s something absolutely beautiful.

Don´t know much else to say. But thanks for the amazing support, prayers, love, and everything. I am amazed at the love and support of people at home. Thanks for all the prayers for my stomach and prayers for my health. This week I felt much better, and I know that´s a direct result of yáll at home. I feel that love constantly and am ever so grateful for it. 

Les quiero muchisimo! 

Hermana Wright

 P-day fun as our last time together before transfers.

Beautiful scenery below of my home here in Juayua.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Short, but hopefully sweet.


Don´t have much time today. But here´s a couple things from this week. 

We had a meeting in Santa Ana saturday and when we left the bus was full and there was only one little seat left. So Hermana Najera took that and I was standing. And when I say there was only one seat, I want you to imagine a regular school bus, then put as many people as possible in each seat (3 or more), then pack as many people as possible in the aisles standing up. Then allow anyone to walk through the aisles selling things. Just trying to paint the picture...they literally pack as many people in a bus as they can possibly fit in there, and more. On top of that people walk down the aisles of the bus selling all sorts of random crap. So I´m standing up, we´re moving slowly as we move out of the terminal, I´m surrounded packed with people, and people are squeezing through selling things (there is no such thing as personal bubble). And I just looked around and had a big smile on my face. I loved it. And I wanted a foto so bad. I wanted a foto of me, a random gringa, taller than everyone, in the middle of this crazy hectic bus as they are squeezing by selling food, toothpaste, and shoes. Times like that I just wish someone was following me around documenting my every move. Que lastima! (What a shame!)

Beautiful Juayua!

Some parts of my journal this week:
Arnoldo blessed the sacrament again today and he also got up and bore his testimony. I got a huge smile on my face and me and Hermana Najera grasped hands as we saw him move and get up to bear his testimony. It was bien bonito.(rather nice) The Spirit was super strong and just touched my heart and also the heart of my companion. When he finished me and Hermana Najera looked at each other and we both had tears full in our eyes as the Spirit touched our hearts. He bore his testimony how he´s so happy and feels so content and you could just see how happy he is in his face and everything. It made me so happy. And not just happy, but real, true, pure joy. It was amazing. 

Today I felt so much love for the people. First for Arnoldo when he bore his testimony. And then for him and his mom when we taught them tonight. I felt so much love for them both and I just wanted to be a part of their lives forever. Then when we salimos con (went out with) Reina y Rosita, I was carrying Rosita in my arms at one time (against the rules, I know) and she´s so sweet. I love that child. And her mom is amazing and she´s really changed and it´s special to be a part of their lives. Then on top of that when we were with Paty and her bebe and I just felt so much love for them and how I can help them progress and everything. 

Paty & Me with her new baby...
Cristian Fernando Vasquez Ventura

I don´t know what it was exactly, but I love the people so much. And today I really felt it strong and it was something neat. I´m happy. I´m happy to be able to be a part of the lives of these people and to hopefully make a difference. But I think they might be impacting me more than I can impact them. It´s just really great to be a part of this work, to serve and work for these people and to forget myself and really just focus on them. It brings so much joy and peace and happiness. It´s pretty neat. I don´t want to get changed (transferred). I feel like this week we finally just got started and are on a roll and excited about moving forward, working with the members, with the ward, with our MARC, and really make a difference. The fact that I don´t want to leave probably means I will leave. But I´m praying I won´t have to leave, or my companion. But God knows best. So I guess we´ll see. 

I know this Gospel is true. I know Joseph Smith was called as a prophet to restore this Gospel to the earth. I know that He saw God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. I know that God knows us each personally and individually and He is very aware of our needs and everything. We just have to learn to rely on the Lord more. Turn to Him and let the Atonement make up the difference in your life. Christ suffered for us and it´s through his Atonement that we can feel peace, love, and happiness, even though life is hard. And while sometimes I laugh and think it´s ridiculous I´m serving a mission at this time in my life, I am so unbelievably grateful for this opportunity the Lord has given me to learn, grow, and become the daughter He wants me to be. And at this moment there´s no where else I´d rather be. I can always get married and have babies when I return, right? :) 

That´s all I have time for this week.

Love love, and more love,

Hermana Wright

La Molina with Hermana Maribel

La you make the dough for tortillas
Long story...