Monday, February 24, 2014

Saved by the water bottle...


To quote Buddha, "When you realize how perfect everything is, you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky." A super wise man sent me this quote last week (thanks dad). And there were multiple days and moments when I tried to apply it. I think it´s a neat quote and has a lot to offer. Thought I´d share.
I love all the Jesus slogans...literally everywhere. It´s awesome. 

There´s a cafe in Santa Ana called "Guazup"...pronounced "What´s up". Kills me.

Two good adventures for the week:
I got this gnarly bug bite over a week ago. It ended up having a giant blister bubble thing in the middle full of puss and it popped and then turned purple and all nasty. We went to Santa Ana to see the doctor this week and the doc told me it´s infected and gave me a prescription for a pill to take and a cream to use. Go team go. It´s been lots better since then.  

Lovely Bug Bite

 On Saturday we ran into a member that´s inactive, Ana Gladis. She told us that she was about to sell Chilate and Yuca dulce y Platano dulce. We´d never tried it and she invited us in to try it and so we said yes. My companion has tried Chilate in Honduras and said it´s super delicious, it´s a hot drink they make out of corn. Well this sweet hermana was kind enough to bring each of us a mug full to the brim of this hot drink and a little bowl full of platano dulce y yuca dulce. We both tasted a smidgen of the drink and it was absolutely horrendous. Super thick, and the flavor was wow...something saw dust, but with a flavor I don´t know how to describe. My companion immediately started dry heaving. That´s how awesome it was ha. Thank goodness the sweet hermana wasn´t in the room when this happened. I tried mixing some of the sauce from the sweet bananas in the drink to help, (seeing how we both had a mug full of this nastiness we needed to drink)...but it was useless. I was dreading the fact that we needed to drink this. And my companion as well (seeing how she couldn´t even take a sip without almost vomiting). We both took a few more sips and immediately followed with a bite of platano dulce or yuca dulce para help. Then I thought of my water bottle. Genious. I drank some of the water, and then when she left the room I hurried and poured mine and my companion´s mugs of chilate in my water bottle. My companion has a bad habit of not being able to control herself when she starts laughing. Uh oh. So she of course was having a laugh attack and the hermana was talking to us from the other room and was asking us what was so funny. I´m trying to calm my companion so we don´t get caught and hurrying to hide my water bottle in my backpack, since it´s clear. Haha. We left, without getting caught, and super relieved and grateful for that tender mercy. Then laughed hysterically as I poured out my water bottle filled with chilate in the bushes. Adventures.

As far as this week goes, it was full of ups and downs. But things were better. Mom and dad, thanks for the advice. I really tried to apply all the advice you gave me and it definitely helped. That´s the neat thing about advice. Everything y├íll said, the short little sentences in the emails last week were all things that I know and try to live. But having you give me the advice somehow had a bigger affect than me trying to pull it out of my knowledge bank. It´s interesting how that works. It´s not like I learned something new and profound...just a lovely little reminder of what I already know. And that made a big difference. So thanks.

I love you lots and lots. And lots. And just remember who your boss is and you´ll be okay (see foto attached). 


Hermana Wright

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