Monday, March 31, 2014

General Conference is coming!


I´m stoked for general conference!! Woohoo!

Life as an Hermana de Capacitacion is busy. It basically consists of more work and a whole lot less sleep, but it´s good. I all of a sudden have so much more love for the other hermanas in the mission and especially the ones that are in my area. Afterall, they are just little babies. :) 

When my name tag fell off in the bus and 
I had to use Hermana Judd´s extra
I love my comp. She´s great! She works hard, has a huge desire to be what the Lord wants her to be, and we have enjoyed our time together so far. It´s great! We also did interchanges this week with other hermanas...we do that about 2 every week is our goal...kinda weird. 

We have a good potential for this month of April and we´re working on finding new investigators for Mayo and excited about the new opportunities and adventures ahead. April is going to be busy as we have different activities this month - General Conference, service activity day, and a trip to the temple for all investigators. So it will probably go by pretty quick. 

Interchanges with Hermana Toí from Hawaii...
she taught me how to hulu

Ahuachapan is great, but super hot and super rocky and dusty and my shoes aren´t ideal. So it´s an adventure. My favorite things this week: 
-When I found myself walking in the middle of a herd of cows. Literally. And more than once.
-The beautiful scenary
-the old man who drove us in his mototaxi and was listening to Whitney Houston...and then started telling me how much he loves Whitney Houston. I mean...don´t we all?

We are teaching an incredible family right now, la familia Pimentel. They are going to be baptized this month, I know it, and I love them so much. More about them to come...
My area! (or a smidgen of this giant area)

Story for the week from Wednesday:

Tonight we went to teach Joanna and Jorge. Johanna is 13 and Jorge is 16 and they are siblings. Their parents have been inactive for a few years and the kids aren´t members. So we´re helping their parents remember their convenios and testimonios and teaching Jorge and Johanna in the process. Jorge and Johanna are increible. They have the sweetest and most tender spirits. They simply have a burning desire to learn more and follow the example of Jesus Christ. They have a baptism date set for April 12th. They ask questions and are super willing to learn and just so accepting. It´s really something beautiful to teach them. 

Well they live a little far away and a decent ways down this long street that´s super dark at night. We sometimes visit in the nights because that is when they are there. We usually take priesthood members with us, but the other night we felt fine about it and went alone. Then Wed. we had another date with them and went solo again because we hadn´t found a member to go with us. Well as we were leaving their house and we said our good'byes, I didn´t feel very good about us walking back alone. I felt completely fine the other night, but this night was different. It wasn´t an overpowering or a loud voice or anything extreme, but it was real...I didn´t feel good about us walking back alone. And I knew that was the Spirit and I needed to listen. (And I thought of you Dad, with your advice of "Never walk down any dark streets haha") I said something to my companion and she told me she felt the same. 

So we then went and asked the Familia Lino if they could accompany us down the dark path. The dad had the flu and a fever but was still super willing and happy to accompany us. We walked down until we arrived at the other side of this colonia and felt good and said our goodbyes. Nothing happened. We were safe. We didn´t see the results of what would have happened if we didn´t listen. And we still walked the rest of the way home (about 25 more minutes) in the dark and all was well. But it just caused me to reflect and think about the influence of the spirit in our lives. The fact that I have the gift of the Holy Ghost, to be my guide and constant companion. And that is what He was tonight and that is what He is if I will listen. It´s subtle...and oftentimes I ignore the little whisperings of the Spirit. But I want to be better. I want to follow His guidance and council and act on those promptings. Because only then will I be able to be what the Lord wants me to be. And that is what I´m going to work on. Being better at listening and acting on those subtle susurros of the Spirit. Listen to those little whisperings...and then act on them. Just do it. 

The Church is true. I love you lots.


Yep...there´s at least 5 more people you can´t see in this picture. And the size of this car is actually quite tiny. 
El Salvadorenas just know how to use the space more efficiently I think.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Pronunciation Guide: A wha cha pan.


Quick update: Changes are crazy. I got put as an Hermana de Capacitacion (Sister Training Leader). This is kinda like zone leader but for hermanas. There are 4 companionships of sister training leaders in the mission. So what does that mean? It means we have 8 companionships of hermanas to watch over and help them. We do interchanges with the hermanas to help them with their area and their investigators and also to help them with any other issues or problems or whatever. I feel like I still have SO much to learn and I lack so much, and I only have 3 changes in the kinda weird...but I'm excited for the opportunity to grow and learn and be better. 

So, I'm in an area called Ahuachapan. It's HUGE! Super big, probs takes about 10-15 min to drive from one side to the other...let alone walk. We take buses and mototaxis and sometimes are walking 30 minutes inbetween citas, or more like running sometimes...literally. I'll definitely spend more money in this area with the buses and everything we'll take, but it won't be much, we'll see. And almost all the streets are straight dirt and rocks...which means I need to look for some better shoes. So it's an adventure. It's also much hotter here. My companion se llama Hermana Dominguez and she has almost 1 year in the mission. She's also from Honduras (like the rest of my comps so far ha) and she's excellent! She works her tail off and wants so much to do her best and I'm learning a lot from her and excited to be her companion this change. She likes to run and workout, so that's awesome. And she's an incredible missionary. I think we're going to be a great team, and I'm stoked for this change. 

Me & Hermana Dominguez
Right now I'm learning the area, praying for direction guidance to remember where to go (as this week we start interchanges and I'll be left alone to remember where to go in the area), and getting to know the investigators and members as well as looking for new people to teach. 

It's crazy to look back at the first 3 changes of my mission and the experiences I've had so far and how those have prepared me for this change and for this time right now. In only 4 and a half months I've learned a lot, and I've grown a lot, and my experiences were definitely preparing me for now. And I can see that very clearly. 

One thing in particular is depending on the Lord. I learned to really rely on the Lord this last change with all the craziness that happened. I learned to really turn to Him in literally every second of my day. And I'm still learning that and still have a long way to go. I also learned more about the Atonement of Christ and how to apply it to my life. I still lack a lot of knowledge in regards to this subject, and how to make it a regular part of my life, but I have learned to rely on the Lord through the Atonement of Christ. Because I am not perfect. I often try to be. But I fail always and I lack so much. However, I don't have to be perfect. In my first few months of the mission this was hard for me. I wanted to do everything perfect, and I was constantly beating myself up, and putting unnecessary pressure and fault on myself. And that burden was a little heavy. Then I took some good advice from my parents, some good advice from the scriptures, and I worked to apply it. And I learned that I don't have to be perfect. Yes, I need to work hard, I need to look for ways to improve and better myself, and I need to do my absolute best in every way. But I'm going to fail. God knows that. And I learned that although I'm not perfect, God is perfect. And He has a plan that is perfect for us, which centers on Christ and His Atonement. So while I'm not perfect, it's okay, because Christ will make up the difference through his sacrifice. And since God is perfect, He will make miracles happen and He will complete His voluntad (will) through my grand imperfections. And that is truly remarkable. 

I know my Savior lives. I know Jesus suffered for our sins so that we can repent and change and return to live with God again. I know his sacrifice, the Atonement of Jesus Christ, is everything. And I'm trying each and everyday to really make that sacrifice a part of my everyday life. 

Love you lots family. You're da Literally.


Hermana Wright

Monday, March 17, 2014

Transition Phase...

Monday afternoon President decided I should just go to Progreso to work with the sisters there before changes (transfers) next week instead of staying in Juayua working by myself (actually with members). So I´ve been in the area of Progreso working with Hermana Bermudez and Hermana Kersten this week. The bishops family in Juayua was so sweet, he said that his family wrote me letters, he wrote one, and Gustavo and his wife and such, and he said he was waiting to give it to me because he felt like I was going to stay in Juayua after transfers. The Bishop’s family really didn´t want me to leave the area. And that almost made me cry, but also meant so much to me. I love him and his sweet family. They are seriously the best. And I´m bummed I didn´t have more time with Gustavo for piano and all that. That was legit my favorite part of the week. No joke. And he has so much talent. Ahh. God works in mysterious ways I guess. 

Bishop's family minus a married daughter.

The funny part about all this, is that we realized around Wednesday that Sunday was stake conference...aka all of the wards are going to be together. It was nice to be able to see my ward members from Juayua again and say goodbye once more and everything, although kinda rough at the same time. Love these people. 

Reina & Rosita...Love them!

So...I´ve been in this weird middle phase this whole week...not transferred, knowing or thinking I´m going to leave Juayua, but still here...super close to my area but not going to work over there...a little frustrating. But it´s alright. On top of that Hermana Kersten was sick this week so we ended up staying in the house almost the entire week...left a few days and for a few hours here or there when we could find another hermana to stay here with her. 

My  new comps for this past week. Boredom from being inside all day...

So, not much else to say, changes are this week so who knows where I´ll end up or who my new comp will be. But prayers are appreciated. :) Stay tuned until next week. 

Love you all lots and lots!

Hermana Wright

Monday, March 10, 2014

"All you need is love." The Beatles.


Boy do I have some crazy updates for yáll, so get excited. Who knew so much could happen in just a week? 

Here´s how my week went:
Smore's anyone?
Monday night: 
Monday night we made smore's for FHE with some members. Then my comp was having lots of back and neck pain and super bad so we called the nurse. Then President´s wife, Hermana Cordon, called us and told us to stay home and rest all day Tuesday. 

I made everyone say "S´mores" before I left. It was awesome. 

Tuesday: We stayed home all day. My comp basically slept the whole day as she was super exhausted physically and emotionally, and her meds make her sleepy. I studied, worked out, studied, wrote some letters, studied some more, cleaned, and made use of my time inside. Then Tuesday night the nurse ordered us to stay home all day again Wednesday.

We planned on staying home all day. Around 11:30am my comp´s pain was getting worse and her pain started moving from her back and neck down into her leg. Not good. We called the nurse and she then informed us that we needed to get to Santa Ana immediately, but that we couldn´t take the bus and we had 10 minutes to find a member to drive us. I think they were worried it could lead to paralysis or something super serious. But finding someone with a car to drive us to Santa Ana...not the easiest thing to do here in El Salvador as I think there are 3 members in our ward with cars. At last we found an hermana from another city close by to drive to us, (about 30 min) and take us from Juayua to Santa Ana (about an hour). We traveled with the Hermanas from Progreso (an area next door to my area) and we left my companion in Santa Ana and I returned back to Juayua that night and worked with them Wednesday night in their area.

Well I wasn´t about to just abandon my area, so I talked to my district leader and called some members to try and find hermanas that are members that could leave with me and work with me in my area. So, all afternoon Thursday I worked with members in my area as my companions and then met up with the Hermanas from Progreso at night to sleep with them in their house. Super crazy. And this means I was doing everything, literally. Thursday morning I was a little overwhelmed with the fact that my area was left with me only being able to work partially there with members, and the responsibility completely on me. Then I got the package from Trev-Mel-Thompson, got some tears out while reading those sweet letters and pictures and everything (Thanks so much for that, I loved it all!). Then I was motivated to go work hard. And I learned to really rely on the Lord and the spirit entirely and it was a glorious day with lots of tender mercies throughout every little detail of the day as I was praying constantly for help. Then my comp called Thursday night and she informed us that President called her and said it´s best to send her home. All the doctors here said she needs surgery, because she has a hernia in a disk in her back. So she informed us that she would be leaving Saturday morning at 4am. Yikes.
Elizabeth my companera for a day.

We went to my house and packed everything of my comp's stuff and sent it all to Santa Ana with a member. Then Elizabeth, a returned missonary who isn´t working or studying right now told me she could work with me all day. So it was great! I had a new "companion" and she worked with me from 2pm until 9pm when we met up with progreso once again. It was glorious! I was still praying like crazy and relying completely on the Lord, but it was nice to have a companion I could rely on and help me. And she´s great company too. By this point I wasn´t overwhelmed, I was just laughing at the whole fact how I don´t really have a companion and it´s hilarious. And crazy. And so weird. So it was a great day. And I could just laugh and enjoy this whole craziness. And I saw some more tender mercies, as usual. God really is aware of us and our every need and He´s there for us. It´s pretty cool.

Once again, me alone in my areas with members. Haha. This day was a little crazy as two hermanas I was going to work with had to leave early or didn´t show up. Well seeing how I can´t just leave by muself to go find someone else to work with me, the day consisted a little bit of me running around with members, while the Elderes looked for someone to come work with me. Definitely an adventure. 
Familia Guevara.  The best.

I went to church with a member in my ward on splits, and then the other hermanas from Juayua (other area close by), took me to progreso and left me with those hermanas after church. I had plans to leave with Sophia all afternoon, the bishop´s daughter, and she´s dependable, so I was excited. However, just when I thought this day was going to be normal (relatively speaking, seeing how I was without a companera ha), then craziness hit again.  I found out I would be leaving the area. Bummer! I was convinced that I was going to be here one more change for sure since Hermana Ortiz left and I know the area and the members and the investigators. Fail blog. So I knew the only chance I had to say goodbye to people was Sunday afternoon, since President would probably inform me where I´d be leaving on Monday or Tuesday.
Gustavo (my piano student), his dad the bishop, & his daughter Sophia my companera on Sunday.

So then Sunday afternoon I spent the day visiting and saying good'bye to members and people that mean a lot to me in my area. So that was a little bit of a bummer to just kind of peace out, but I was at least glad I got Sunday afternoon to say my goodbyes, so that was a great answer to my prayer.
Paty & Christian

Mirna & Rosita

As far as details though, I still don´t have an answer or details on where I´m going or when. But I´m just about 98 percent sure they´re going to take me out of this area today or tomorrow first thing. So...stay tuned until next week.
My bud, Mario.

Aside from that, not much has happened this week. (Extra sarcasm). 

"Drama drama drama..." (movie quote...anyone?)

Love you lots,

Hermana Wright

Monday, March 3, 2014

Dunking in the baptismal font

Dear Familia,
I finally got them to send me my pics that somehow were never sent home. 
First day in the mission.  Nov 13, 2013
This week we went to Santa Ana on an emergency trip for some medical tests. We finally left Santa Ana on Saturday afternoon with specific instructions for my comp, not to carry a backpack or anything, get new shoes, and take it easy. So she´s been a little down and out and frustrated, but she´s happy to be back in Juayua to work this week even though we´re working a little more chill. So pray for her. 
 On Sunday was the baptism de Sonia, the mom de Arnoldo. We took pictures before the baptism, and we were stoked. The spirit was super strong and I wanted to cry I was so happy.

Thank goodness Dios (God) es perfecto and He can make miracles happen. I 
don´t know what we´d do without Him. But with prayer and faith I know it will work out.

Love you lots. The Church is still true. 

Hermana Wright