Monday, April 28, 2014

Baptismos, servicio, y calor


Busy week. But good. 

Wednesday we had the baptism of Victor and Moises. Although they look like they are about 6 years old for how small they are, they are actually 10 and 12 years old. They have been attending church for almost over a year with a member family and LOVE it. And I just got lucky and got the chance to teach them and be a part of their baptism. 

Saturday we had a service project for the national service day. In El Salvador, we have pilas, kinda like large sinks filled with water to use for washing dishes, bathing, etc. Well the rainy season is about to start any day now. (I´ve heard rumors that it´s quite the adventure). As a result, the mosquitos are about to be flourishing and as a result dengue is much more present. So with the unidad de salud, we basically walked around houses and put these little bags of pesticide type stuff in all the pilas, checked for larva of mosquitos, and helped to keep the mosquitos away. 

 Then Saturday night the Familia Pimentel was baptized. It was absolutely beautiful. I have basically 6 months in the mission. The rule in the mision is that you can go to the temple with familias if you are part of their baptism. This means that in one year, hopefully my going away gift will be able to go to the temple with the Familia Pimentel, that they can be sealed. I´m praying for them and for this. But I know it will happen. This familia is amazing. They have felt the truth of this Gospel and they are really, truly converted. After their baptism they gave each other a huge hug and had the biggest smile on their face. They both told us that they are very grateful to their Padre Celestial por nosotros. But the truth is, I´m super grateful to be a part of their lives. If I only come back to El Salvador for one reason, it it for this family. 

Wish I had time to write more, but I have to go to a meeting with President with the Hermanas. 

Excerpt from the journal

I am just grateful to be a part of this amazing work moving forward. As I was sitting there in the end of the baptism I just paused and looked around and I was touched with the Spirit and I knew that yes, this is the Lord´s work. It´s not mine, nor yours, nor anyone else´s. It´s definitely the Lord´s work. And it´s amazing to watch it move forward and I´m ever so grateful to be a member, to be a part of this work, and to be able to serve a mission and really work and learn and grow. I know this will make me a better member of the church, a better mom, a better wife, and a better child of God. God truly is amazing. He lives and He loves and knows each of us. He has a plan and it´s in process. And I am grateful that I can participate in that plan. 
Thanks for your love! 

Love you lots!


Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!! I hope you all had a glorious feast with delicious turkey or ham, maybe some sweet potatoes, a nice spinach salad, and some sort of delicious dessert to finish it off. I ate a grilled cheese and a tomato. Epic, I know. 

Friday was our excursion to the temple with investigadors. It was super neat. We had different stations in the chapel to have a little tour type thing where they got to learn about the auxiliary organizations, the plan of salvacion, baptism, the temple, and the angel moroni. Then they all got to walk around the temple and learn about it and feel the spirit. My comp and I got chosen to teach about the auxiliary organizations of the that was an adventure. 

 Overall, it was a beautiful day. The familia Pimentel came and they loved it. They are getting baptized this saturday, and they couldn´t be more ready or excited. 

 Quote from the week is from an old lady that we´ve taught a couple times named Ana. 

Ana: "De donde vinieron?" "Where did you guys come from?" (referring to our previous appointments)

Us: "Vinimos de arriba", "We came from up there"

Ana: "Del cielo?", "From heaven?" 

And then she immediately busted up laughing at her own joke...which in turn made us bust up laughing. 

Overall it was a good week. 

I love Easter. Even though we didn´t do anything special for Easter...besides eat some more was a great time for me to think more about the Savior, His sacrifice for me and what that means and what I can do to show my gratitude to Him. Nothing profound to share, just a little reflection from the week. This whole week here in El Salvador is la semana santa and everyone is on vacation and celebrating and the catholic church has a lot of stuff going on with processions everynight and such in the street, so it was eventful. 

Oh...and did yáll read Elder Ballard´s talk from the Conference? Are you reading Preach my gospel? Do it. That´s all. 

Love yáll lots and lots. Thanks for your love and support.


This picture is for you mom!

Monday, April 14, 2014

5 Companeras en una Semana...Go... Fight...Win!

Biggest...hamburgers and fries...expensive...but delicious

 This week was craziness. Tuesday morning the assistants to President called us and told us that they were worried about the hermanas (sisters) that we're over and that our sisters needed help and so that this week we needed to do intercambios cada dia (exchanges every day) and that we couldn't be together. Adventures! 

Interchanges in another area...bridge?

So Tuesday I went to Orquideas to work with Hermana Lopez (my old area!!). Wednesday I was in my area with Hermana Mayorga. Thursday I went to Juayua otra vez (once again) to work with Hermana Murray. And Friday Hermana DeLeon came to my area to work with me. Saturday we got to work together because we had a baptism. 5 companions in one week...that's pretty good. 

So it was pretty nuts. We would meet up in the mornings to change comps and go meet another companionship to change with. We would plan about 30 min. in the morning when we met up again so that I knew what Hermana Dominguez did in my area the day before so we could still help our area grow and improve. It consisted of a lot of traveling by bus. Consisted of a lot less sleep. But as always, consisted of adventures. 

Aide and Hermana Mayorga, mi companera por un dia


Saturday Jorge and Johanna were baptized. It was super sweet. They are adorable. See pics.

That's about it fam. My body feels tired this week. But I´m good. Love you. Thanks for your love and support. Praying for you always. 


Hermana Wright

La familia pimentel, love this family...they are getting baptized 26 abril

Monday, April 7, 2014

Angel's Diligence


I forgot to tell y'all thanks for the pictures. I loved them. That was a great part of the package!

Hermanas en my zone

I love General Conference. It was a great weekend to be able to listen to the voice of the prophet and apostles. It just strengthens my testimonio every time and helps me to be better and stronger spiritually. What parts did y'all like the best? Favorite talks? Quotes? I would love to hear your thoughts.

There is a member in our ward who's name is Angel. He's 82 years old. He's almost completely blind, can see a little bit, but very limited. He lives about 15 min drive away from the church in a humble home and by himself. He was baptized 7 years ago. Before that he attended 4 or so iglesias (churches) and always wondered which was true. Walking it probably takes him about an hour to walk from his house to the church. But without fail, every sunday he walks from his humble home along the dirt and rocky roads with his cane in hand, to the church to attend. And then this Saturday was General Conference and so it was in the stake center. He walked from his house to the stake center...which took at least 2 hours I would imagine, so that he could sit and listen to the Prophet and Apostles of the Lord. Why does he do this? Because he´s converted. He knows that this church is true. He knows that by obeying commandments he will receive blessings. He knows that he´s a son of God and that God will bless him. He understands. And his example touches my heart. I wish I could describe it all perfectly so y'all could understand, really understand...but it's just hard to put into words. But his example of faithfulness and devotion will be in my mind forever.

Classic cliche jumping pic. 

Today we went on a hike to a Laguna (lake). Super pretty and super fun! Loved it. Pics attached. 

Comps..yep...we're matching

Short message today (didn´t have time to type my email before...sorry) But just know I love you all lots. I´m praying for you constantly and grateful for your love and support. It helps me every day. 

The church is true. Just remember that. 

Our whole zone on a hike.