Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!! I hope you all had a glorious feast with delicious turkey or ham, maybe some sweet potatoes, a nice spinach salad, and some sort of delicious dessert to finish it off. I ate a grilled cheese and a tomato. Epic, I know. 

Friday was our excursion to the temple with investigadors. It was super neat. We had different stations in the chapel to have a little tour type thing where they got to learn about the auxiliary organizations, the plan of salvacion, baptism, the temple, and the angel moroni. Then they all got to walk around the temple and learn about it and feel the spirit. My comp and I got chosen to teach about the auxiliary organizations of the that was an adventure. 

 Overall, it was a beautiful day. The familia Pimentel came and they loved it. They are getting baptized this saturday, and they couldn´t be more ready or excited. 

 Quote from the week is from an old lady that we´ve taught a couple times named Ana. 

Ana: "De donde vinieron?" "Where did you guys come from?" (referring to our previous appointments)

Us: "Vinimos de arriba", "We came from up there"

Ana: "Del cielo?", "From heaven?" 

And then she immediately busted up laughing at her own joke...which in turn made us bust up laughing. 

Overall it was a good week. 

I love Easter. Even though we didn´t do anything special for Easter...besides eat some more was a great time for me to think more about the Savior, His sacrifice for me and what that means and what I can do to show my gratitude to Him. Nothing profound to share, just a little reflection from the week. This whole week here in El Salvador is la semana santa and everyone is on vacation and celebrating and the catholic church has a lot of stuff going on with processions everynight and such in the street, so it was eventful. 

Oh...and did yáll read Elder Ballard´s talk from the Conference? Are you reading Preach my gospel? Do it. That´s all. 

Love yáll lots and lots. Thanks for your love and support.


This picture is for you mom!

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