Monday, April 14, 2014

5 Companeras en una Semana...Go... Fight...Win!

Biggest...hamburgers and fries...expensive...but delicious

 This week was craziness. Tuesday morning the assistants to President called us and told us that they were worried about the hermanas (sisters) that we're over and that our sisters needed help and so that this week we needed to do intercambios cada dia (exchanges every day) and that we couldn't be together. Adventures! 

Interchanges in another area...bridge?

So Tuesday I went to Orquideas to work with Hermana Lopez (my old area!!). Wednesday I was in my area with Hermana Mayorga. Thursday I went to Juayua otra vez (once again) to work with Hermana Murray. And Friday Hermana DeLeon came to my area to work with me. Saturday we got to work together because we had a baptism. 5 companions in one week...that's pretty good. 

So it was pretty nuts. We would meet up in the mornings to change comps and go meet another companionship to change with. We would plan about 30 min. in the morning when we met up again so that I knew what Hermana Dominguez did in my area the day before so we could still help our area grow and improve. It consisted of a lot of traveling by bus. Consisted of a lot less sleep. But as always, consisted of adventures. 

Aide and Hermana Mayorga, mi companera por un dia


Saturday Jorge and Johanna were baptized. It was super sweet. They are adorable. See pics.

That's about it fam. My body feels tired this week. But I´m good. Love you. Thanks for your love and support. Praying for you always. 


Hermana Wright

La familia pimentel, love this family...they are getting baptized 26 abril

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  1. Looks like an awesome place to serve, Danika!