Monday, April 7, 2014

Angel's Diligence


I forgot to tell y'all thanks for the pictures. I loved them. That was a great part of the package!

Hermanas en my zone

I love General Conference. It was a great weekend to be able to listen to the voice of the prophet and apostles. It just strengthens my testimonio every time and helps me to be better and stronger spiritually. What parts did y'all like the best? Favorite talks? Quotes? I would love to hear your thoughts.

There is a member in our ward who's name is Angel. He's 82 years old. He's almost completely blind, can see a little bit, but very limited. He lives about 15 min drive away from the church in a humble home and by himself. He was baptized 7 years ago. Before that he attended 4 or so iglesias (churches) and always wondered which was true. Walking it probably takes him about an hour to walk from his house to the church. But without fail, every sunday he walks from his humble home along the dirt and rocky roads with his cane in hand, to the church to attend. And then this Saturday was General Conference and so it was in the stake center. He walked from his house to the stake center...which took at least 2 hours I would imagine, so that he could sit and listen to the Prophet and Apostles of the Lord. Why does he do this? Because he´s converted. He knows that this church is true. He knows that by obeying commandments he will receive blessings. He knows that he´s a son of God and that God will bless him. He understands. And his example touches my heart. I wish I could describe it all perfectly so y'all could understand, really understand...but it's just hard to put into words. But his example of faithfulness and devotion will be in my mind forever.

Classic cliche jumping pic. 

Today we went on a hike to a Laguna (lake). Super pretty and super fun! Loved it. Pics attached. 

Comps..yep...we're matching

Short message today (didn´t have time to type my email before...sorry) But just know I love you all lots. I´m praying for you constantly and grateful for your love and support. It helps me every day. 

The church is true. Just remember that. 

Our whole zone on a hike.

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