Monday, March 31, 2014

General Conference is coming!


I´m stoked for general conference!! Woohoo!

Life as an Hermana de Capacitacion is busy. It basically consists of more work and a whole lot less sleep, but it´s good. I all of a sudden have so much more love for the other hermanas in the mission and especially the ones that are in my area. Afterall, they are just little babies. :) 

When my name tag fell off in the bus and 
I had to use Hermana Judd´s extra
I love my comp. She´s great! She works hard, has a huge desire to be what the Lord wants her to be, and we have enjoyed our time together so far. It´s great! We also did interchanges this week with other hermanas...we do that about 2 every week is our goal...kinda weird. 

We have a good potential for this month of April and we´re working on finding new investigators for Mayo and excited about the new opportunities and adventures ahead. April is going to be busy as we have different activities this month - General Conference, service activity day, and a trip to the temple for all investigators. So it will probably go by pretty quick. 

Interchanges with Hermana Toí from Hawaii...
she taught me how to hulu

Ahuachapan is great, but super hot and super rocky and dusty and my shoes aren´t ideal. So it´s an adventure. My favorite things this week: 
-When I found myself walking in the middle of a herd of cows. Literally. And more than once.
-The beautiful scenary
-the old man who drove us in his mototaxi and was listening to Whitney Houston...and then started telling me how much he loves Whitney Houston. I mean...don´t we all?

We are teaching an incredible family right now, la familia Pimentel. They are going to be baptized this month, I know it, and I love them so much. More about them to come...
My area! (or a smidgen of this giant area)

Story for the week from Wednesday:

Tonight we went to teach Joanna and Jorge. Johanna is 13 and Jorge is 16 and they are siblings. Their parents have been inactive for a few years and the kids aren´t members. So we´re helping their parents remember their convenios and testimonios and teaching Jorge and Johanna in the process. Jorge and Johanna are increible. They have the sweetest and most tender spirits. They simply have a burning desire to learn more and follow the example of Jesus Christ. They have a baptism date set for April 12th. They ask questions and are super willing to learn and just so accepting. It´s really something beautiful to teach them. 

Well they live a little far away and a decent ways down this long street that´s super dark at night. We sometimes visit in the nights because that is when they are there. We usually take priesthood members with us, but the other night we felt fine about it and went alone. Then Wed. we had another date with them and went solo again because we hadn´t found a member to go with us. Well as we were leaving their house and we said our good'byes, I didn´t feel very good about us walking back alone. I felt completely fine the other night, but this night was different. It wasn´t an overpowering or a loud voice or anything extreme, but it was real...I didn´t feel good about us walking back alone. And I knew that was the Spirit and I needed to listen. (And I thought of you Dad, with your advice of "Never walk down any dark streets haha") I said something to my companion and she told me she felt the same. 

So we then went and asked the Familia Lino if they could accompany us down the dark path. The dad had the flu and a fever but was still super willing and happy to accompany us. We walked down until we arrived at the other side of this colonia and felt good and said our goodbyes. Nothing happened. We were safe. We didn´t see the results of what would have happened if we didn´t listen. And we still walked the rest of the way home (about 25 more minutes) in the dark and all was well. But it just caused me to reflect and think about the influence of the spirit in our lives. The fact that I have the gift of the Holy Ghost, to be my guide and constant companion. And that is what He was tonight and that is what He is if I will listen. It´s subtle...and oftentimes I ignore the little whisperings of the Spirit. But I want to be better. I want to follow His guidance and council and act on those promptings. Because only then will I be able to be what the Lord wants me to be. And that is what I´m going to work on. Being better at listening and acting on those subtle susurros of the Spirit. Listen to those little whisperings...and then act on them. Just do it. 

The Church is true. I love you lots.


Yep...there´s at least 5 more people you can´t see in this picture. And the size of this car is actually quite tiny. 
El Salvadorenas just know how to use the space more efficiently I think.

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