Monday, March 17, 2014

Transition Phase...

Monday afternoon President decided I should just go to Progreso to work with the sisters there before changes (transfers) next week instead of staying in Juayua working by myself (actually with members). So I´ve been in the area of Progreso working with Hermana Bermudez and Hermana Kersten this week. The bishops family in Juayua was so sweet, he said that his family wrote me letters, he wrote one, and Gustavo and his wife and such, and he said he was waiting to give it to me because he felt like I was going to stay in Juayua after transfers. The Bishop’s family really didn´t want me to leave the area. And that almost made me cry, but also meant so much to me. I love him and his sweet family. They are seriously the best. And I´m bummed I didn´t have more time with Gustavo for piano and all that. That was legit my favorite part of the week. No joke. And he has so much talent. Ahh. God works in mysterious ways I guess. 

Bishop's family minus a married daughter.

The funny part about all this, is that we realized around Wednesday that Sunday was stake conference...aka all of the wards are going to be together. It was nice to be able to see my ward members from Juayua again and say goodbye once more and everything, although kinda rough at the same time. Love these people. 

Reina & Rosita...Love them!

So...I´ve been in this weird middle phase this whole week...not transferred, knowing or thinking I´m going to leave Juayua, but still here...super close to my area but not going to work over there...a little frustrating. But it´s alright. On top of that Hermana Kersten was sick this week so we ended up staying in the house almost the entire week...left a few days and for a few hours here or there when we could find another hermana to stay here with her. 

My  new comps for this past week. Boredom from being inside all day...

So, not much else to say, changes are this week so who knows where I´ll end up or who my new comp will be. But prayers are appreciated. :) Stay tuned until next week. 

Love you all lots and lots!

Hermana Wright

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