Monday, March 3, 2014

Dunking in the baptismal font

Dear Familia,
I finally got them to send me my pics that somehow were never sent home. 
First day in the mission.  Nov 13, 2013
This week we went to Santa Ana on an emergency trip for some medical tests. We finally left Santa Ana on Saturday afternoon with specific instructions for my comp, not to carry a backpack or anything, get new shoes, and take it easy. So she´s been a little down and out and frustrated, but she´s happy to be back in Juayua to work this week even though we´re working a little more chill. So pray for her. 
 On Sunday was the baptism de Sonia, the mom de Arnoldo. We took pictures before the baptism, and we were stoked. The spirit was super strong and I wanted to cry I was so happy.

Thank goodness Dios (God) es perfecto and He can make miracles happen. I 
don´t know what we´d do without Him. But with prayer and faith I know it will work out.

Love you lots. The Church is still true. 

Hermana Wright

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