Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The time continues to fly by...

Dearest Family,

Happy day! How are you all doing? This week was another eventful one, full of surprises, some good, others not so awesome. 

So here´s a quick update on the not so awesome part. My companion started having pain in her right side on saturday afternoon...they think it might be appendicitis. So President picked us up yesterday and we´re in Santa Ana right now, and possibly going to San Salvador. If she does have appendicitis, it means she´ll have surgery and will be returning home to recover. Hoping it´s not appendicitis. These next few days will be interesting. 

The good news is that we have two people that are going to get baptized next Sunday. Yay! 

We also are seeing lots of progress in Ana. Her daughter, Sandra (who´s 11) is super awesome! They told us that every night Sandra goes down to visit her grandpa and read the Book of Mormon with him. Ana also told us that the only thing Miguel Angel talks about is us. The hermanas this, the hermanas that, etc. etc. Haha. But they are all super animada. 

Funny story for the week:
Today we went with Miguel Angel and Ana and it was really great. Ana told us that she came to visit Miguel Angel this afternoon and he was on the ground and halfway under the bed. She thought, Oh no, he probably fell or is injured or something bad happened. Well about 2 seconds later he pulled himself out from under the bed and said, "Got it!" as he had a cream in his hand. He said his cream fell in the crack of the bed, so he decided to go after it, so he lowered himself down onto the dirt floor and went under the bed after it. Haha, I love this old man. But this is a huge miracle, because he has so much strength and health and is recovering like a maniac. Ana told us that she is amazed at how well her dad is doing. She said just about two months ago he couldn´t even sit up. That he was constantly trembling and shaking and could barely eat. That just to go to the clinic and back would cause him so much pain and difficulty in his body. That he never got out of bed and only slept all day long. Well now he sits up and gets up and walks with his crutches outside. He goes under the bed, he is re'learning how to read and write, and feels amazing when he goes to church and back. It seriously is such a miracle. And it´s because God is blessing him for his faith and his faithfulness in following this Gospel. 

Also, on Sunday I went and visited Miguel Angel with Morelia while my companion rested and it was so cute. Miguel wanted to know how to pay tithing so we explained the tithing envelopes to him and he just pulled out 20 dollars and gave it to me. He told me that someone gave him 20 dollars and he knows he has to pay 2 dollars for tithing but he doesn´t have change. So he told me just to take the 20 and bring back the change in a few days when I can. So cute. He trusts us completely and the fact that he knew so clearly that he had to pay tithing first thing was awesome. Love that viejito.

Well, another week bites the dust. My next two weeks could be really interesting depending on what happens with my companion, but I´m praying for our investigators and our area that we will be able to help them progress and will be able to work. I know God has a plan and it will all work out. Trusting in Him.

Love you all to pieces. 

Hermana Wright (for at least a little bit longer)

Monday, April 20, 2015

A wonderful week...

Dearest Family,

This week was lovely. It rained pretty hard. The rainy season is starting. I lost my umbrella and discovered that my rain jacket no longer keeps me dry. But loved it. 
"Miguel Angel. Love this old man."

This week Miguel Angel got baptized. Things he has told us in these days is that when we first met him, he had been praying super hard that day for guidance and inspiration and to be healed and be better and lots of stuff and about an hour later we showed up. Miracle. He has diabetes and only one leg, so he has some health difficulties. But he told us that when he went to the temple in San Salvador, he felt like he was healed in that trip. He said he has never felt better since that day and he´s got energy and all is going well. He also told us that when he goes to church and comes home he feels energy and feels healthy in his body. Whereas in the past when he would attend other churches he said he would come home and feel sore all over with his knee swollen and everything from leaving the house and resting. Such a miracle! He really has so much faith and trust in God and it´s an inspiration.

This whole week before his baptism this old man received lots of criticism and persecution. He has 16 kids, and about 10 of them and his wife all called him and told him he was going to be condemned and that he was going to go to hell if he got baptized in the Mormon Church and all that jazz. His daughter Ana even was trying to convince him not to do it. But he didn´t care. He told us, "I´ll be the only one saved, but salvation is individual". And he went forward with faith because he knew he had received an answer from God that this was true. And after his baptism he was so happy and the light and joy filled his eyes. His daughter Ana told us Saturday that she has never seen her dad so happy and she feels really bad for how she was opposed and tried to tell him not to do it. We saw some HUGE changes in her as a result of her papa. This church really is true. Satan always tries to attack and put doubts and fears, but if we trust in God, He will always win. 

Miguel's family

Funny rumor for the week: Ana told us as we picked up her papa to go to his baptism, that some friends of her daughter told her that in the church we are baptized with cat pee. Yep, that´s right. Cat pee. When I thought I had heard all the rumors, that one might be one of the best I´ve heard. We laughed. Good times.  


Yesterday we shared a message with Cristel, the daughter of a member, because she´s going to turn 8 year´s old this week and she´s going to be baptized. But she expressed to us her concern with being baptized so we told her we would teach her.

This poor little girl. She is scared to be baptized because of what her friends at school say to her. She said that all of her friends at school tell her that if she gets baptized in that church she´s going to be serving the devil and that that is the church of the devil and lots of cosas feos. She said one time her friends had a couple pamphlets from the church and they tore them up in front of her and threw them on the ground. Cristel asked them why they would do that to the things of God, and her friends said that it´s because the pamphlets talked about serving the devil and not God. Then Darlene was there (13 years old) and we asked her if she experiences the same thing and she said yes, that all of her companeros de su clase always say stuff like, "Darlene is a Mormon, she serves the devil" and lots of cosas feos with swear words and all that stuff. 

As I sat there listening to these little girls talk about the bullying and the things they experience in school every single day, my heart went out to them. I never had to pass through any of that at that age. And who knows how I would have reacted if I had to pass through that. But after talking about prayer and their relationship with God they both explained to us how they have prayed and asked God and that they feel peace and joy and comfort and know that this is true. Cristel talked about how she asked God if she should be baptized and she felt peace and happiness and knows it´s what God wants. 

It was amazing to listen to an 8 year old testify that she knows God lives. That she knows this church is true. And to talk about how she has a relationship with God where she knows He answers her prayers. It strengthened my testimony. 
"Stephen...this kid is HILARIOUS." 


Christ, the perfect son of God himself, was also rejected, mocked, scorned, spit upon, and crucified. He, being the perfect and literal son of God suffered. And sometimes we have to go through that ourselves. But He promises us, that if we serve Him, and we take up our cross and follow Him, we will be able to return to live with Him again someday. 

I know this church is true. I know God lives. I know Christ loves us. And I only want to serve and follow Him. And I hope to do that as I finish the mission and with life after the mission. Because I know that is what brings true joy and happiness. 

It truly is a privilege to be a part of this work. About 2 years ago I thought it was a big sacrifice. But now I have learned that it´s not a sacrifice...but rather an honor and a privilege. 

I love you all lots and lots. Keep fighting the good fight.


Hermana Wright
"Pancake! Giant and delicious."

Monday, April 13, 2015

Crazy week...


Well not sure how many details mom and dad have shared with yàll...but it`s been quite the eventful week. Not anything like I had planned.

Monday I tested positive again for parasites and bacterial infection...then started medicine to kill the little beasts. Long story short is by Thursday I had some big time problems in my neck when I woke up I couldn`t move and had an intense pain in my spine and neck. The pain was unbearable and my hands started going numb at one point and so they took me to Santa Ana in the afternoon to see a doctor who gave me an injection for the pain since it was unlike anything I have experienced before. (And I consider myself to have a pretty high pain tolerance). Then President Spjut and Hermana Spjut had to take me to San Salvador around 8pm at night to do some more tests. The good news is that everything came out clean in the xray and MRI, and they told me it was an intense muscle spasm. So, the good news is that I`m recovering and all is going well. Just trying to know how much to rest and how much to work. 

Miguel Angel. He`s getting baptized this Saturday.
So prepared this viejito. Love him!
Oh, and yes, I straightened my hair, for the 3rd time
in 17 months. Go fight win.
 During the whole day Thursday and the whole experience of pain I thought of the Savior. I was going through so much pain at that very moment I could not bear it. I couldn`t move or talk or swallow without an excruciating pain in my spine and neck. And I could not even begin to imagine how the Savior completed with the Atonement. Just all of my pains alone are more than enough. But then you add all the pains of every single person that ever lived...and it`s impossible to comprehend. I would never want anyone to have to pass through that pain that I passed through, but in that moment I knew that the Saviour understood my pain and knew what I was going through. I knew that He passed through the same and that He would provide me with the comfort and help I needed. I gained a stronger testimony and greater appreciation and amazement for what He did. And I came to understand a little bit more that I will never be able to comprehend it. But my gratitude and appreciation will continue to increase as I pass through the trials of this life. And I committed to forever serve Him. 

Aside from that, we had a wedding Saturday, and I was able to attend. So that went well. 

The church is true and I know it. Christ lives and He sacrificed for us. 

Love you all dearly. Gracias por sus oraciones!

Hermana Wright

Monday, April 6, 2015

Feliz Easter!


How`s it going on the home front? What`s the latest and greatest for each of you? Just because I`m about to come home doesn`t mean you don`t have to write me anymore...just so you know, that`s not how it works. :)
Birthday Party (yes we did teach them after
breaking apart the pinata...don't worry!)
How was general conference? What were some of your favorite parts? They talked a whole lot about family and marriage, which was pretty good. But especially saturday, they hit that subject pretty hard. It shows the importance of the family in God`s plan. Thanks for being a great family. I sure do love each and every one of you. I pray for you daily and am grateful for the family that God has given me. 

This week was pretty crazy. My companion got pretty sick and was sick most of the week (and still is sick), so we didn`t have much time to leave and visit. Then I got sick for a day or two. Then we also had general conference, and friday we had our annual trip to the temple for investigators, which was a success. Kind of a crazy week. 

This week we have a family that is going to get married on saturday. They`re still trying to decide on the whole baptism thing, but I feel like they are going to do it...they just want to take it step by step. 

And we have a viejito that we`re teaching who is an angel and I love him dearly. He is the dad of Ana (the one who had the crazy sweet dream) and he only has one leg and so he`s in a wheelchair, but we`ve taken him to church twice, and he went to general conference and the temple trip to San Salvador, and he has LOVED it all. So grateful for viejitos and ninos. (old men and children)

Temple trip with Sandra...she's 11
and she's adorable!
General conference yesterday was fun to see a bunch of members from my first area and to be able to visit with them a little. Obispo Sanchez invited us to eat lunch at their house. It was really great. I love that family so much and it was amazing to be in their house again and platicando con ellos (chatting with them). He told me that Sofia has about 3 months in the mission, and that things are going well for her. She had some desafios with her companion, but that she`s doing well. He also thanked me for my work in the ward and he told me that I had a big influence in Sofia going on a mission. He told me that Sofia told him that I was a big reason she wanted to serve a mission. Well that really touched my heart. I had no idea...and I don`t really know what I did. But I sure do love her and that family. 

Not much else to report this week. But things are going well. Just working to help these people accept the invitation to be baptized and take this next step that God wants for them. Prayers accepted. 

Aside from that, this week I`ve learned to trust a little more in the Lord and let Him do His work. He is the one in charge of this work. It`s not me. And I have come to understand that a little more and trust more in Him and in His timing. I am working to let Him guide me and guide my companion as we try to do what He wants us to do and as we try to help these people come unto Christ. This week my goal is to better my prayers and to really confide in Him and let Him guide me. What changes are you all going to make this week?

"I`m king of the rock, and there`s nothing you girls can do about it" (name the movie)

Love you all dearly,

Hermana Wright