Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The time continues to fly by...

Dearest Family,

Happy day! How are you all doing? This week was another eventful one, full of surprises, some good, others not so awesome. 

So here´s a quick update on the not so awesome part. My companion started having pain in her right side on saturday afternoon...they think it might be appendicitis. So President picked us up yesterday and we´re in Santa Ana right now, and possibly going to San Salvador. If she does have appendicitis, it means she´ll have surgery and will be returning home to recover. Hoping it´s not appendicitis. These next few days will be interesting. 

The good news is that we have two people that are going to get baptized next Sunday. Yay! 

We also are seeing lots of progress in Ana. Her daughter, Sandra (who´s 11) is super awesome! They told us that every night Sandra goes down to visit her grandpa and read the Book of Mormon with him. Ana also told us that the only thing Miguel Angel talks about is us. The hermanas this, the hermanas that, etc. etc. Haha. But they are all super animada. 

Funny story for the week:
Today we went with Miguel Angel and Ana and it was really great. Ana told us that she came to visit Miguel Angel this afternoon and he was on the ground and halfway under the bed. She thought, Oh no, he probably fell or is injured or something bad happened. Well about 2 seconds later he pulled himself out from under the bed and said, "Got it!" as he had a cream in his hand. He said his cream fell in the crack of the bed, so he decided to go after it, so he lowered himself down onto the dirt floor and went under the bed after it. Haha, I love this old man. But this is a huge miracle, because he has so much strength and health and is recovering like a maniac. Ana told us that she is amazed at how well her dad is doing. She said just about two months ago he couldn´t even sit up. That he was constantly trembling and shaking and could barely eat. That just to go to the clinic and back would cause him so much pain and difficulty in his body. That he never got out of bed and only slept all day long. Well now he sits up and gets up and walks with his crutches outside. He goes under the bed, he is re'learning how to read and write, and feels amazing when he goes to church and back. It seriously is such a miracle. And it´s because God is blessing him for his faith and his faithfulness in following this Gospel. 

Also, on Sunday I went and visited Miguel Angel with Morelia while my companion rested and it was so cute. Miguel wanted to know how to pay tithing so we explained the tithing envelopes to him and he just pulled out 20 dollars and gave it to me. He told me that someone gave him 20 dollars and he knows he has to pay 2 dollars for tithing but he doesn´t have change. So he told me just to take the 20 and bring back the change in a few days when I can. So cute. He trusts us completely and the fact that he knew so clearly that he had to pay tithing first thing was awesome. Love that viejito.

Well, another week bites the dust. My next two weeks could be really interesting depending on what happens with my companion, but I´m praying for our investigators and our area that we will be able to help them progress and will be able to work. I know God has a plan and it will all work out. Trusting in Him.

Love you all to pieces. 

Hermana Wright (for at least a little bit longer)

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