Sunday, May 10, 2015

crazy week...

Dearest Familia,

Hi. How are yàll doing? 

I`m doing well. Thanks for asking. 

This week, so much happened. 

Here`s a brief recap:
-my companion does not have appendicities. yay.
-my companion was confined to the house all week until saturday. boo.
-tuesday we went to San Salvador to enter the temple as a zone for the last time. Love that place.
-I left and visited when I could find members to help us out. I was very grateful for those hours to be out of the house visiting
-friday we had a reunion para todas las hermanas in the mission. They asked me to speak. It was really great. 
-Then I got all sad when Hermana Spjut was speaking to us and after speaking in her broken spanish said, "Hermana Wright, will you come translate for me, for the last time?" (She just had to say "for the last time" didn`t she...) 
-Roberto started drinking again saturday, so naturally couldn`t get baptized sunday.
-our family that got married a few weeks ago told us they are going to another church and are disinterested
-But somehow we have had many miracles and I still feel super animated and ready to rock this last week. 

Funny comments from peeps:
We got to Ana`s house I told her how my companion is sick and so that`s why I`m leaving with members and other companions. And she said, "Ahhh, y usted es inquieta, no puede estar adentro de la casa por sus ultimos dias aqui." haha... Yo le dije, "Ya me conoce hermana." Love that woman. 

Oh, and another hilarious story is when we went to visit la familia Orellana. Well we shared a message with them and hermana Marlene said the final prayer. Well in her prayer she said, "Padre, por favor bendicela hermana Wright que al regresar a su casa puede encontrar un buen esposo que la ama y la cuida y va a ayudarla todo su vida." hahaha...I was trying so hard not to laugh. And after she finished the prayer I turned bright red and we all had a good laugh together haha. But it was really sweet actually that she asked for that in the prayer, but also just so funny.

"photo bombing at tis`best..."

The story for the week:
Sunday night we had a miracle. We were on our way to visit a family we`re teaching when my companion started feeling super sick like she was going to faint. She almost fainted about 3 times as we walked there. We got to the house of la familia Alvarez only to ask them to take us home in their pickup as we were at least 30 minutes away walking. We arrived to our house and the hermana helped my companion inside to lay down. 

Then as we stood there on the front porch I asked them why they haven`t been to church in this month (as they got super disanimated these last 3 or 4 weeks). We stood there chatting a bit and I felt like we needed to teach them. So I gave them a chair and started teaching them trying to see what they were feeling why they were feeling desanimada, what`s been going on this past month, etc. Basically all the gente talking is what has been affecting them a lot. We mentioned some rumors that the people say about the church and one of the ones we mentioned was that "we`re baptized in the name of a dead person." (which is not true...we`re baptized in the name of the father and the son and the holy ghost). And that called their attention and they wanted to know. So I asked them if they had time, they agreed, so I sat on the floor and pulled out my plan of salvation things and started explaining. My companion was on the bed with her eyes closed and recovering. And for about an hour I sat there teaching Giovanni and Carmina the plan fo salvacion, baptisms for the dead, and how to listen to the spirit and not focus on what others say. It was amazing! Seriously, I loved it. I feel like tonight changed them. They were able to remember their feelings. They were able to feel the spirit so beautifully without 800 distractions that are usually going on in their house. And they were able to trust in us a little more and try to come out of the doubts that they had. I feel like we were able to help get them back on the train again. It will still take a little more, but I think we are on the way. I know God works in misterious ways, but I think my companion had to get sick so we could teach them on the porch of our house rather than in their house with a million distractions and people. Miracle. 

I loved it though. I just love teaching people about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I didn`t have my companion to help me, but I was so excited and tried hard to focus on the spirit that I felt fine. I love teaching the people. I love it. I love teaching them about the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. It gets me so excited. And it fortaleces my testimony, and it fills my soul. It was so much fun sitting on the floor and teaching and explaining so many things, trying to do so in a manera so simple that they could understand. I am going to miss this when I leave. 

Love this work. Really I do. 

Love you all as well. Really I do. 


Hermana Wright

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