Monday, April 13, 2015

Crazy week...


Well not sure how many details mom and dad have shared with yàll...but it`s been quite the eventful week. Not anything like I had planned.

Monday I tested positive again for parasites and bacterial infection...then started medicine to kill the little beasts. Long story short is by Thursday I had some big time problems in my neck when I woke up I couldn`t move and had an intense pain in my spine and neck. The pain was unbearable and my hands started going numb at one point and so they took me to Santa Ana in the afternoon to see a doctor who gave me an injection for the pain since it was unlike anything I have experienced before. (And I consider myself to have a pretty high pain tolerance). Then President Spjut and Hermana Spjut had to take me to San Salvador around 8pm at night to do some more tests. The good news is that everything came out clean in the xray and MRI, and they told me it was an intense muscle spasm. So, the good news is that I`m recovering and all is going well. Just trying to know how much to rest and how much to work. 

Miguel Angel. He`s getting baptized this Saturday.
So prepared this viejito. Love him!
Oh, and yes, I straightened my hair, for the 3rd time
in 17 months. Go fight win.
 During the whole day Thursday and the whole experience of pain I thought of the Savior. I was going through so much pain at that very moment I could not bear it. I couldn`t move or talk or swallow without an excruciating pain in my spine and neck. And I could not even begin to imagine how the Savior completed with the Atonement. Just all of my pains alone are more than enough. But then you add all the pains of every single person that ever lived...and it`s impossible to comprehend. I would never want anyone to have to pass through that pain that I passed through, but in that moment I knew that the Saviour understood my pain and knew what I was going through. I knew that He passed through the same and that He would provide me with the comfort and help I needed. I gained a stronger testimony and greater appreciation and amazement for what He did. And I came to understand a little bit more that I will never be able to comprehend it. But my gratitude and appreciation will continue to increase as I pass through the trials of this life. And I committed to forever serve Him. 

Aside from that, we had a wedding Saturday, and I was able to attend. So that went well. 

The church is true and I know it. Christ lives and He sacrificed for us. 

Love you all dearly. Gracias por sus oraciones!

Hermana Wright

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