Monday, April 6, 2015

Feliz Easter!


How`s it going on the home front? What`s the latest and greatest for each of you? Just because I`m about to come home doesn`t mean you don`t have to write me anymore...just so you know, that`s not how it works. :)
Birthday Party (yes we did teach them after
breaking apart the pinata...don't worry!)
How was general conference? What were some of your favorite parts? They talked a whole lot about family and marriage, which was pretty good. But especially saturday, they hit that subject pretty hard. It shows the importance of the family in God`s plan. Thanks for being a great family. I sure do love each and every one of you. I pray for you daily and am grateful for the family that God has given me. 

This week was pretty crazy. My companion got pretty sick and was sick most of the week (and still is sick), so we didn`t have much time to leave and visit. Then I got sick for a day or two. Then we also had general conference, and friday we had our annual trip to the temple for investigators, which was a success. Kind of a crazy week. 

This week we have a family that is going to get married on saturday. They`re still trying to decide on the whole baptism thing, but I feel like they are going to do it...they just want to take it step by step. 

And we have a viejito that we`re teaching who is an angel and I love him dearly. He is the dad of Ana (the one who had the crazy sweet dream) and he only has one leg and so he`s in a wheelchair, but we`ve taken him to church twice, and he went to general conference and the temple trip to San Salvador, and he has LOVED it all. So grateful for viejitos and ninos. (old men and children)

Temple trip with Sandra...she's 11
and she's adorable!
General conference yesterday was fun to see a bunch of members from my first area and to be able to visit with them a little. Obispo Sanchez invited us to eat lunch at their house. It was really great. I love that family so much and it was amazing to be in their house again and platicando con ellos (chatting with them). He told me that Sofia has about 3 months in the mission, and that things are going well for her. She had some desafios with her companion, but that she`s doing well. He also thanked me for my work in the ward and he told me that I had a big influence in Sofia going on a mission. He told me that Sofia told him that I was a big reason she wanted to serve a mission. Well that really touched my heart. I had no idea...and I don`t really know what I did. But I sure do love her and that family. 

Not much else to report this week. But things are going well. Just working to help these people accept the invitation to be baptized and take this next step that God wants for them. Prayers accepted. 

Aside from that, this week I`ve learned to trust a little more in the Lord and let Him do His work. He is the one in charge of this work. It`s not me. And I have come to understand that a little more and trust more in Him and in His timing. I am working to let Him guide me and guide my companion as we try to do what He wants us to do and as we try to help these people come unto Christ. This week my goal is to better my prayers and to really confide in Him and let Him guide me. What changes are you all going to make this week?

"I`m king of the rock, and there`s nothing you girls can do about it" (name the movie)

Love you all dearly,

Hermana Wright

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