Monday, February 3, 2014

Short, but hopefully sweet.


Don´t have much time today. But here´s a couple things from this week. 

We had a meeting in Santa Ana saturday and when we left the bus was full and there was only one little seat left. So Hermana Najera took that and I was standing. And when I say there was only one seat, I want you to imagine a regular school bus, then put as many people as possible in each seat (3 or more), then pack as many people as possible in the aisles standing up. Then allow anyone to walk through the aisles selling things. Just trying to paint the picture...they literally pack as many people in a bus as they can possibly fit in there, and more. On top of that people walk down the aisles of the bus selling all sorts of random crap. So I´m standing up, we´re moving slowly as we move out of the terminal, I´m surrounded packed with people, and people are squeezing through selling things (there is no such thing as personal bubble). And I just looked around and had a big smile on my face. I loved it. And I wanted a foto so bad. I wanted a foto of me, a random gringa, taller than everyone, in the middle of this crazy hectic bus as they are squeezing by selling food, toothpaste, and shoes. Times like that I just wish someone was following me around documenting my every move. Que lastima! (What a shame!)

Beautiful Juayua!

Some parts of my journal this week:
Arnoldo blessed the sacrament again today and he also got up and bore his testimony. I got a huge smile on my face and me and Hermana Najera grasped hands as we saw him move and get up to bear his testimony. It was bien bonito.(rather nice) The Spirit was super strong and just touched my heart and also the heart of my companion. When he finished me and Hermana Najera looked at each other and we both had tears full in our eyes as the Spirit touched our hearts. He bore his testimony how he´s so happy and feels so content and you could just see how happy he is in his face and everything. It made me so happy. And not just happy, but real, true, pure joy. It was amazing. 

Today I felt so much love for the people. First for Arnoldo when he bore his testimony. And then for him and his mom when we taught them tonight. I felt so much love for them both and I just wanted to be a part of their lives forever. Then when we salimos con (went out with) Reina y Rosita, I was carrying Rosita in my arms at one time (against the rules, I know) and she´s so sweet. I love that child. And her mom is amazing and she´s really changed and it´s special to be a part of their lives. Then on top of that when we were with Paty and her bebe and I just felt so much love for them and how I can help them progress and everything. 

Paty & Me with her new baby...
Cristian Fernando Vasquez Ventura

I don´t know what it was exactly, but I love the people so much. And today I really felt it strong and it was something neat. I´m happy. I´m happy to be able to be a part of the lives of these people and to hopefully make a difference. But I think they might be impacting me more than I can impact them. It´s just really great to be a part of this work, to serve and work for these people and to forget myself and really just focus on them. It brings so much joy and peace and happiness. It´s pretty neat. I don´t want to get changed (transferred). I feel like this week we finally just got started and are on a roll and excited about moving forward, working with the members, with the ward, with our MARC, and really make a difference. The fact that I don´t want to leave probably means I will leave. But I´m praying I won´t have to leave, or my companion. But God knows best. So I guess we´ll see. 

I know this Gospel is true. I know Joseph Smith was called as a prophet to restore this Gospel to the earth. I know that He saw God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. I know that God knows us each personally and individually and He is very aware of our needs and everything. We just have to learn to rely on the Lord more. Turn to Him and let the Atonement make up the difference in your life. Christ suffered for us and it´s through his Atonement that we can feel peace, love, and happiness, even though life is hard. And while sometimes I laugh and think it´s ridiculous I´m serving a mission at this time in my life, I am so unbelievably grateful for this opportunity the Lord has given me to learn, grow, and become the daughter He wants me to be. And at this moment there´s no where else I´d rather be. I can always get married and have babies when I return, right? :) 

That´s all I have time for this week.

Love love, and more love,

Hermana Wright

La Molina with Hermana Maribel

La you make the dough for tortillas
Long story...

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