Monday, February 10, 2014



We had changes this week. Hermana Najera had changes and left me here in Juayua. It´s weird to have changes. I mean, you work so hard to teach well and find people and finally get a rhythm going and then they switch you. Classic. But things are good.

Transfer Day...old and new companions.
My new companion is also from Honduras y ella se llama Hermana Ortiz. She is 19, just a baby, but good. The first couple days of the changes was a little difficult for me. She has a little stronger personality and I missed Hermana Najera a lot. And I am now the senior companion and in charge...which means I make lots of the decisions because I know the members, know the area, etc. Not because I know what I´m doing...I don´t haha, but I´m learning a lot. I have definitely learned a lot already through the last 5 days with a new companion, and I know I´m going to learn and grow a lot during this change.

Last P-day together.

I taught Gustavo piano Saturday and it was so much fun! I loved it. It´s only the second time I taught him, but he´s learning so fast. He´s really smart and he´s excited. My goal with him is basically to teach him how to read music. Because if I can teach him how to read music, then he can actually practice and progress on his own when I leave in 5 weeks or whatever. But tonight the Bishop came to work with us and so I asked him how it was going and how he feels and he said that Gustavo is super excited about it all. He told me that Gustavo tried to learn from a joven (young man) that plays the piano in the church awhile back, but it was super informal and he didn´t really know much or know how to teach him so Gustavo said he was wasting his time. Then the Bishop told me that Gustavo told him, "It´s okay Dad, I know that the Lord will bring someone into my life that will teach me how to play, I´m not worried." This made me so happy and made me want to cry I was so touched. 1= because that´s killer faith, and a great example to all of us 2= because I can possibly be that person, 3= because I love the Bishop and his sweet family. 

Stairs we sometimes run for exercise.
  I have really gained an immense love for the people here. I really do love them so much, I can´t even describe it. I just want to be a part of their lives and help them to learn about Christ and to be happy. And when I focus on them, I´m completely happy and I forget myself, and it´s something absolutely beautiful.

Don´t know much else to say. But thanks for the amazing support, prayers, love, and everything. I am amazed at the love and support of people at home. Thanks for all the prayers for my stomach and prayers for my health. This week I felt much better, and I know that´s a direct result of yáll at home. I feel that love constantly and am ever so grateful for it. 

Les quiero muchisimo! 

Hermana Wright

 P-day fun as our last time together before transfers.

Beautiful scenery below of my home here in Juayua.

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