Monday, March 9, 2015

Querido Familia,

Wow, this week flew by. I can`t believe it`s already Monday again. But it was a great week! Full of some big time downs and ups..but that`s what makes it so great.

Last Monday we played soccer for about two hours with the Elders. When I woke up Tuesday morning I was SO SORE. Seriously. Every muscle hurt haha. I felt like I did some super intense WOD, but yet I didn`t. So pathetic haha. But seriously so funny. 

"Meet Jose. He`s 5. and hilarious."


I had a breakdown this week due to various situations and investigators and such. I feel like here in Los Naranjos I have fought harder than I have had to fight in any other area. Not literally, but I have come to learn that this is literally a war between the good and bad, the righteous and unrighteous, that is a war occurring every day and I have literally felt that here in this area. But as a result of our fighting and not giving up, we have seen amazing results and huge miracles and God will always pull through. 

It`s hard to express and explain it all in a short letter home to the family. Ask me more when I get home and I am sure that I will be able to talk for days until you`re bored. 

I love this work. I love this area. I love seeing people change and grow and coming to know that this Gospel is true. It`s seriously incredible the felicidad (happiness) and joy that it brings into the soul. 

Honestly, I feel so much paz (peace) and happiness and joy that it indescribable. I am so honored to be a missionary and to be a representative of Jesus Christ. This work is truly unreal. To watch people change and grow and accept this fills you with a joy that is unreal. And it is everlasting, and it is a joy that comes from no other source. 

You could say that I`ve had a pretty successful life. And there have been times when I was extremely happy and excited from things in my life. Winning a big time tournament game in soccer is an incredible feeling. Scoring the winning goal after working so hard is something that is impossible to describe and feels so good. And I felt happy and joy and stoked beyond stoked. 

But that type of joy and happiness is fleeting. And while it was amazing one day. The next day when we lost and were done with the tournament, the joy and happiness left and wasn`t ever lasting. 

And that is the difference between the joy I feel now and the joy I have felt other times in my life. The joy and happiness that God gives, and that comes through the Atonement of Jesus Christ is everlasting and does not leave. Yes we have trials and difficulties and moments of afflictions...there`s no doubt about that. But amidst those difficult times God provides a peace and joy that stays and comforts and is everlasting. 

And that is why I am here serving a mission. Because I have felt it. Many times. And I continue to feel it and continue to be more and more amazed and marvel at the wonders and power and glory of God. It almost seems too good to be true. But yet it is true. And that is what is so amazing.

I can`t express my feelings, although I do try. And I will never be able to express sufficiently my gratitude to God for sending me here on the mission...even when I didn`t want to. Oh how selfish I was. And oh how blessed I am. I have way more than I deserve, and I hope to maybe give a smidgen back in gratitude...but knowing whatever I do give it will never be enough and I will always be in debt to God. But that is what I want, to always serve Him, here and now, as well as continue after the mission. Because serving Him and trusting and confiding and following His will, will always lead to joy and happiness that will last for the eternities. 

"a pic of my parka...long overdue"

I know this is true. And I love it with all of my heart. 

Alma 29:10
"And behold, when I see many of my brethren truly penitent, and coming to the Lord their God, then is my soul filled with joy then do I remember what the Lord has done for me, yea, even that he hath heard my prayer yea, then do I remember his merciful arm which he extended towards me."

Love you guys to pieces.
Hermana Wright

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