Monday, February 23, 2015


Dearest Familia,

Cambios happened this week as yàll know. Mi nueva companera is from Honduras, she`s 20, (but looks like she`s 16 ha), but she`s great! She has a strong desire to work and is ready to go and I am excited to be her trainer. She`s a good one.

This week we had 3 dogs attack us. Dirty rotten scoundrels. It was on Wednesday, day 1 in the mission field for my companion ha. They were so chill until we passed by them and then they attacked us con todo los poderes (with all their powers?). My new comp has a fear of dogs...poor thing. But I think this helped break her in a little bit. The good news is the dogs didn`t get my legs and only managed to grab and rip my no big deal, I`m totally fine. (sarcasm). Adventures! Large sticks have become my best friends.

President & Hermana Spjut & Hermana Guzman
from Honduras.

Yesterday was a glorious day in church! We had 8 people that came to church with Giovanni, Carmina, Rocio and Ivon all came, as well as Antonio and Ingrid and Sara. I was seriously so happy! Hermana Evans and I worked like crazy the last 3 months and we are just now starting to see those fruits. And it brings so much joy to my heart. Sometimes we just have to have patience and trust in the Lord`s timing (which is sometimes the worst ha...but yet always really the best). 

La comida es una restaurante...super rico.

We went with Giovanni and Carmina yesterday and had a really great lesson with them. We taught them about the Restoration and it seriously was so great. The spirit was really strong and they really saw the blessings and felt great in church. They told us how they had been wanting to serve God and find a church where they could worship and dedicate time to God. They also said that they never would have imagined themselves in a Mormon church, but for us insisting constantly is how they ended up there. And they thanked us for insisting. It always makes me so happy when the people thank us for insisting. Because basically they are saying, "Thank you for being so obnoxious in inviting us to church..." But yet they are grateful for it and it gives me more ganas (incentive...motivation) to be more insistent and keep working. They said they want to keep going to church and have the desire to serve God and see miracles. Excited for their future. I sure love them.

my comp and I haciendo tortillas por una investigadora :) 
This week I read in 1 Nephi 10:17-19 and I loved it. It talks about diligence, faith, repentance, and more diligence. Things I always want to have in my life...diligence, faith, and a constant desire to change and be better. 

Love you lots!

Hermana Wright

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