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I hope all is going well for yáll in all the parts of the world. I´m praying for you always.

It was seriously frigid for about 4 of the days this week. No joke. A cold front came in and I would only describe it as frigid. In the morning for my personal study I had on 6 layers of clothes up top and 4 on bottom and it was still cold. Adventures in El Salvador. I never thought I would be this cold here. But I guess it´s preparing me for when I return home. The last couple days warmed up nicely here, but seriously someone look up what the temperature was in Los Naranjos, El Salvador for the 28th and 29th...I´d love to know. (I tried but couldn't figure out how to look up past temperatures but for tomorrow it's between 66 -89 degrees it couldn't have been that cold?  I think she's getting soft.)
most people would pay big bucks for a view 
like these people have...

The highlights of the week:

Today in church there was a 2 year old wearing a shirt that said, "Pimpin´ain´t easy". That was definitely a highlight of the day. 

Then during sacrament meeting that same kid came up to his mom to ask for "chiche" (breast milk from him mom, cause everyone breast feeds here for years), then he looked at me and pointed and asked me for "chiche". Yep. The best.

but instead they just live in a shack in the
mountainy jungle. The best.


We went to visit Ana last monday...and here´s how the visit went...

26 Enero 2015
We sang a hymn and prayed and then asked her if she´s been able to pray and ask God if this is true and she immediately said, "You know what, yes I have, and the craziest thing happened to me. I have to tell you. I had a dream." And she started to tell us the dream that she had...

She said that in her dream it was just this big, vast sandy area...she saw lots of white sand and she saw me and Hermana Evans. She said us two were there with her. Then she said in the air, above us, she saw God, our Heavenly Father, and Jesus Christ, above us...they were in the air a little bit above us and me and Hermana Evans were standing below them reading the scripture or something like that. She said that God spoke to her and said, "Ana, don´t reject them. This is true. I will show you the way and the truth. Don´t reject them." And then she said she woke up. She said it was short, maybe 10 minutes at the most, but she was longing to be back in the dream when she woke up. 

Since that day she has been wanting to tell us. She said that since her dream her husband told her not to listen or to receive us as well as a lady from her old church told her that she shouldn´t receive or listen to us because she´ll get confused. Ana said she thought they were probably both right, but she couldn´t get the dream out of her head. 

She asked us why she dreamed what she dreamed...we asked her what she thought, and as it´s a pretty clear and obvious answer from God, she recognized that. But she´s scared. As this colony is packed with anti'mormon stuff, she at one point put her face down in her hands and just said, "What are the people in my church going to think? What are they going to say? What am I going to say to them?" 


I just wanted to cry when she told us that. Because the spirit was ever so strong and tears came to my eyes. 

Now we´re praying lots for her because she hasn´t come to church and she´s really scared to follow because of what the dumb people say. There´s so much anti mormon stuff here in this area and colony and so every person we start visiting gets attacked, but I know she´s going to keep learning more. Prayers are appreciated for her. 


 Aside from that we had a boda (wedding) and a baptism this week from the Elders. Hermana Evans and I were in charge of decorations, and let me tell´s amazing what you can do with a few balloons and crepe paper. We made that church look so good! ...well with our limited resources of course. It really was cute and fun to be a part of. I seriously love watching people change their lives and see as the light of Christ and joy and happiness fills their eyes and their beings. It´s amazing! 

I hope all is going well for yáll. Thanks for the support and love. 

Love you!


Our amazing decorations...

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