Monday, January 26, 2015

Random mix of thoughts...


Buenos dias! I swear we just had Christmas is it already January 26th? That`s so not okay. 

Anyways, hope all is going well for all of you in the USA, Africa, and India. Between the 6 members of our family we`ll be in 4 different countries...kinda cool (and maybe even 5 if Nate is on a secret Jack Bauer mission that none of us know about). 

Here are some various journal entries from the week: story from Danika about the baby deer?


Today we knocked on a door. No one answered, but it knocked back at us. It was creepy. And intriguing.


WE CAUGHT A MOUSE! Haha. I set up the trap so well last night, and this morning sure enough we caught a little bugger. The problem is now we just have a pet mouse in a cage and aren`t sure what to do with it ha. And he`s actually a cute little guy. I feel kind of bad plotting to kill him...but at the same time he was eating our food and everything.

 I got some news about some of my converts from Ahuachapan...I just talked to Hermana Najera, who`s now in El Arco in Ahuachapan and she told me that Jovit Pimentel is going to send his papers to go on the mission soon. She also told me that Vilma gave a talk in church on Sunday and shared how the Book of Mormon has blessed her life and Hermana Najera told me that it was so powerful and that it was one of the best sacrament meetings she`s been in. To hear this news about my converts really animates me. It gets me going and gets me excited about finding those that are ready. It makes me feel so good inside and brings so much joy and excitement to my soul. Really, that`s some of the best news a missionary can hear about their converts. 


We visited Ana today again with Adela. We taught la restauracion (The Restoration of the gospel). It was seriously so good. She understood well. And it made her reflect and think, "Well then, how can we know which church is true?" and we could see the spirit working in her. And the best part is that after teaching she said, "You know what, everyone always says things, especially about Jose Smith and how you guys worship him, but now that I heard more I realize that none of it`s true...why do the people say those things? Now I know it`s not true." Seriously, as a missionary to hear someone say that is like the best gift and so rewarding. It`s amazing to teach someone the restauracion and have them understand it and feel a desire to know if it`s true, and to understand that we preach and testify of Christ and of no one else. It`s seriously so rewarding. I just want to jump for joy in this moment and I absolutely love it!


Funny story for the day. We had a noche de hogar (Family Home Evening) with la familia Aguilar hoy and we decided to make french toast with them at the end for the refrigerio. So I was taking care of the french toast that we were cooking while my companion was by the table mixing the egg batter for the french toast. Well in spanish there are two verbs for the word "to try" in english. One is "tratar" which means to try an action or something like a sport or dance or experiment. The other is "probar" which means to try food, like to taste. Well since my companion is learning spanish, she was mixing the egg mixture and to tried to tell Jeyka to try mixing the mixture. So she said, "Pruebalo" (trying to say, try mixing it), and so Jeyka just stuck her finger in the raw eggs and licked them to taste it because my poor companion didn`t use the word "tratar". Seriously so funny.


Aside from that, the best part of the branch council today was when Presidente Alex was talking about what things we can do as a branch to be more self sufficient, and they talked about raising baby chickens so that as a branch they have food to eat and help those members that need it. I loved it...why? Because that is so NOT the solution that we would come up with in the states. Never. But it`s so practical. And I love it.


We had interviews with Presidente Spjut this week and inspections of our house. Then after the interviews we had a discussion about faith between me, Hermana Evans, and Hermana and Presidente Spjut. It was really awesome. I just wanted to sit there all day and analyze it and talk it through with them, like parents and daughter...but unfortunately we were only given about 10 minutes.


I`m learning a lot about faith. More to be shared maybe next week.

Love you like crazy!

Hermana Wright

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