Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Singing with a drunk man...

Querido Familia,

Last monday we went to los chorros (the jets... I went when we did the temple in El Salvador and they were called the falls at Juaya...I guess "the Jets" is a local name?) as a zone. (Finally, I was able to go...a place mom has been before me) We had to go in missionary clothes because it´s a little dangerous and it´s safer that way, so that was a little lame, but overall it was really sweet! I will definitely be going back there when I return...because you can hike and then swim in part of it, so it´s really sweet. 

Story of the week:
We also met a kinda crazy dude. We contacted him in the street and went to share a message with him outside his house. We were talking and asked if we could sing a hymn to start. He agreed. We pulled out our himn books and turned to sing "La Luz de la Verdad" and we asked him to count us to 3. So he said, 1, 2, 3, and then he started tapping his foot, pounding his fists on the table and singing or humming a beat for us to sing to. The best part is his animo (energy) was so high and he was just going so much so that me and my companion started singing the hymn and following him, but the tune was hard to carry and we got distracted with his beat and pounding fists that we started singing the words to his tune or beat that he was making, which was just hilarious all around...but then he started directing us and waving his hands, and when he started playing the air guitar, that´s when me and Hermana Evans lost it. We just busted out laughing. We couldn´t keep it in. I was dying. We told him we loved his animo and emocion and then decided a prayer to start would be just fine. Good times on the mission.
Hiking to the Falls
This week, in my personal study I studied a lot more about la fe. (Faith) Lei en Hebreos (I read in Hebrews)11:1 y me encanto! It´s so much better in spanish than in english. It says..."la fe es la certeza de lo que se espera, la conviccion de lo que no se ve." And I loved the words certeza (certainty) and conviccion in this scripture because it just gave me animo and excitement and made me want to increase my faith to have this certeza (certainty) and conviccion. 

It made me think of my experience in Europe when I lost my camera. I had the certainty that I was going to find my camera and I knew it. I don´t know how I had that firm faith, but I did. And I need to find that same faith now and here in the mission. (if you don´t know the camera story that can be told another day) 

Well, aside from that, not much more to say this week, I´ll send a few pics. 

Mom, the pics and everything from Ghana looks and sounds great! I love hearing about it and a little part of my heart is sad I can´t be there with yáll. Tell everyone I love them and yáll are in my prayers. I know where I´m at is where I need to be, but Ghana and the temple sounds unreal. Enjoy every part of the experience! And please take me with you next year :)

Love you all lots and lots!


Hermana Wright
Our zone at the falls.
Another story that Danika sent to her dad.  He felt we should share it.


Church is supposed to start at 9am. Well today it started at 9:50am. Which means sacrament finished at 11am. But rather than cut the classes short or skip sunday school like they would in the states, they just kept going. So sunday school finished around 11:45am and Relief Society started at 11:55am. About 15 minutes later (12:10pm) we heard Priesthood singing their closing hymn so they were almost done. Unfortunately for us the sweet little old lady who was teaching the class had just started. at 12:45pm, she was still giving her class, but some of the hermanas had left. About 10 minutes later there was only me and my companion in the room, one hermana from the branch, the old teacher and the relief society representative from the stake. Well, it had literally turned into a conversation between the old grandma teacher (Mari) and the old grandma representative from the stake. Literally no one else was commenting or talking, and by the end everyone had left except for us and them. I was dying. They had no concept of time, and were just going about their business continuing to share more and more stories, acting like everyone was listening and they had a huge crowd, but they didn´t. I fell asleep at one point or another, and was praying for energy as we were fasting. I had 8,000 sarcastic comments running through my head, and was trying to hold them all back. But thinking about how hilarious this could be if my dad was there to appreciate the sarcasticness. My favorite part was at the end of the class, Mari finished and then said, "That was a beautiful lesson, I really enjoyed it." Ha...too much.

Just thought you´d appreciate that.

Love you always,
Go kill it in Ghana and India


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