Monday, January 5, 2015

Moving adventures...

Querido Familia,

Hope yáll had an enjoyable New Year´s Eve and didn´t go too crazy. Can yáll believe that it´s 2015? That´s nutso. I still remember when we celebrated 2000 and everyone was freaking out about the computers and everything shutting down... (yeah, I know, I´m an old geezer). But seriously weird. What goals do yáll have for the new year? Please do share. My goal is to find a husband. But after the mission of course.


The journal on Friday:
This morning we went and helped a family move houses. Let´s just say moving houses in El Salvador is much more exciting than in the states. They don´t have that much stuff, but still it all adds up when you move. So they pulled up with a pickup that they had a friend use that was with the local drunks helping out funny. Then they loaded a bunch of stuff on the truck, tables, bed, chairs, bags of clothes, and all the other people just hung off the sides (about 5 people) as the back almost bottomed out from the weight. I was sad I didn´t take my camera with me. 

But this family moved from the carreterra to a little street called la calle vieja. Well this little street is actually quite extremely long. So they were able to take the truck to the start of the street to leave all the stuff there, but then we had to haul it all down to the bottom to their house. And that was definitely an adventure. It´s a little dirt trail that is like hiking through the mountains, with rocks and only one or two people can fit cause it´s small, and then on top of that they lived way far down, so it took at least 10 or 15 minutes to walk from the street to their house. It was such an adventure as we were hauling clothes, stools, beds, etc, down this little trail in the mountains. I actually loved it. But boy was it a work out. The good news is we were hiking the stuff down, so when we hiked up, we didn´t have to carry anything. We took that trip there and back about 6 times hauling stuff. Go fight win. I think my biceps for sure got a good work out. Let´s just say that moving is way more fun in El Salvador...I hate moving in the states ha.

But the side story is why this family was moving. Sonia and Oscar, and their little son is named Bryan who´s 5 years old. Well Sonia was baptized about 4 years ago, but Oscar never was and she went inactive for a little while. Well the elders started teaching them and they have come to church and he´s going to get baptized this coming Sunday. Well the guy that rented their house to them told them that he doesn´t like that the elders go to visit them. Well they didn´t listen anyway and kept letting the Elders visit as they felt the spirit and knew it was a good thing. Well, then the landlord talked to them again and they told them that they feel good and that Oscar was going to get baptized. When the landlord heard that he said that it would be best if they left the house. So they said that´s fine, and a few days later we were helping them move out. 

I don´t get it. People hear so many crazy rumors and thoughts about the church and believe it all and don´t even bother to try and learn for themselves. They make judgments and decisions based on false ideas and thoughts. And if people will really get to know the church and the people, they will find that there is no reason not to have Mormons living in your house or near by. But that´s just part of the opposition. 

Ruins at Tazumal...last p-day.

Spiritual thought for the day: 
Luke 22:41-44 
When Christ was in the Garden of Gethsemane, he prayed, asking God if it were possible to not make Him suffer, if there was another way, to let that happen. And in Matthew we learn that Christ didn´t just ask this one time, but He asked the Father 3 times. The perfect son, the chosen one, He who was without sin...there came a moment when He thought he wouldn´t be able to do it. He thought he couldn´t stand anymore, and that He might not be able to make it. But then He said, but thy will be done. And He did it. He completed the will of the father. He was perfectly obedient to the Father and as a result had to pay a huge sacrifice. 

What sacrifices are we each willing to make to be obedient to our Father in Heaven? 

Well, I love yáll lots and lots. I´m always praying for yáll and hope the best. 

love you lots and lots,
Hermana Wright

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