Monday, December 29, 2014

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Dearest Familia!

I talked to you on Christmas so I don´t think I need to write yáll today. Have a great week!

Just kidding...I know mom would kill me. So here´s a little letter. 

So this week we went to visit some people with a member, Hermana Adela. Well they have just installed the door to their house and they are rebuilding their house. We came back and she unlocked the bottom part but her daughter had locked the top part, so she didn´t have the key and couldn´t get inside.

Mission Christmas Party

Well...after analyzing and observing the situation I noticed a little opening above her door frame that I felt like would be easy to crawl into and over and unlock her door. I was in a skirt, but at least a long and stretchy one, and that didn´t seem to be a limiting factor. So sure enough I told her to just hold on a second, I grabbed a little stepping ladder nearby, climbed up and then pulled myself up and through and dropped myself over to the other side to unlock the door. She laughed and just said, "Oh Hermana Wright, usted no tiene limites, verdad?" (you have no limits, really or there anything you can't do?)

I was happy to at least be able to help her in that situation so she wasn´t stuck outside her house for hours.

 This week we had our mission Christmas party. It was actually really fun! We had a talent show, we watched some youtube christmas videos that have been famous in this time, and then played a couple christmas games with little packages. Hermana Spjut is so great!

On Christmas morning Hermana Evans and I got up and opened presents. Yep, you heard me right, we opened presents.

Hermana Evans brought about 5 packages in her suitcases from her mom for Christmas. So she gave me like 3 big packages. I was like, "wait what?". All I gave her was a little baby package (my resources were limited ha). But seriously we opened gifts and I got about 5 new outfits, and a million necklaces and earrings. I felt so spoiled. I felt so weird. It was so strange and foreign. I was seriously in awe.

It didn´t feel like I should be opening presents.
I didn´t feel like a missionary for a little bit. It was just strange. I mean don´t get me wrong, it was great! But just strange ha. I wasn´t quite sure how to handle it.

Matching stockings and PJ's

Aside from that, this week has been good, but I will be grateful when the holidays are over and we can be back to a "normal" schedule so members can help us visit and we can go with people more. 

This week in my personal study I read some good conference talks, but one that I really liked is the one from Elder Lynn G. Robbins called "Which Way Do You Face?" 
I absolutely love this because it helps us put into perspective our behavior and why we are doing something we are please God or to please man. That is why our society is so crazy these days, because we are all trying to please each other and forgetting about the most important. But two of my favorite parts are when he says, "Decisions of character are made by remembering the right order of the first and second great commandments" and when he also says, "The true badge of courage is overcoming the fear of men...courage is the form of every virtue at the testing point." I love these parts because depending on whether we choose to follow God or men will define our character and who we are. And I most definitely want to have a character that understands divinity and the importance of serving God before all others. I don´t know, maybe read it again and enjoy.

Love you lots. Thanks for your love and support and all that you do for me. 


Hermana Wright

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