Monday, December 15, 2014

consecration brings power...


Well...still no hot water to shower. But...we did start heating water up on the stove and mixing it in a big bucket to shower out of the bucket. A million times better. Now I don´t want to cry every time I have to shower ha.

"Our's so cute!"

 This week we ran into some desafios (challenges) with Maritza as she´s supposed to be baptized this coming weekend. Her mom is against her being baptized. Her mom said that she can go to church and the activities and everything but that she can´t be baptized in the church. Maritza wants it with all of her heart. She said, "I can go to church, but if I don´t get baptized 
I´m not doing anything." She knows that it´s what God wants and that it´s true. Her mom wants her to be baptized in her evangelica church instead of the "mormon" church. She´s 21 years old and has a kid, so she doesn´t need permission from her mom necessarily, but they all live together and so she´s worried about what will happen if she goes through with it. We´re trying to help her increase her faith and trust in God, knowing that this is the best thing for her. To be continued next week...

Sister Evans paragraph on Maritza:  "Also, in my area here in Los Naranjos one of our investigators, Maritza is preparing to be baptized this weekend!! We are so excited for her!! It is amazing to see how this gospel can bring so much happiness and hope into people's lives. Whenever we read the Book of Mormon with her she is so happy because she always finds answers to her questions and finds peace when days are hard. She is the only one in her family that will accept this gospel right now. Her mom does not want her to get baptized and this has been really hard for her. However, we experienced a little miracle while teaching her. One night before we taught her, she had a really hard day with her mom and her mom was pretty upset.  She said that before we came she prayed that we would not talk specifically about her baptism, because her mom  would be even more angry. That night during the lesson, her mom was standing next to us and listening intently to the lesson. We had plans to ask her specific questions about her baptism but we felt prompted to just talk about the Book of Mormon, so we read a chapter with her in Mormon 9 about miracles and faith. Mormon 9:21: Behold, I say unto you that whoso believeth in Christ, doubting nothing, whatsoever he shall ask the Father in the name of Christ it shall be granted him, and this promise is unto all, even unto the ends of the earth. After the lesson she was so grateful and her faith was strengthened. We are going to continue to pray for her and help her. SHe has a strong desire to be baptized, and we have hope that we will still have a baptism this weekend!" 

 This week I was able to do interchanges with Hermana Najera (as she´s our leader in this area) so that was really fun to be with my trainer again for one day. 
"Armadillo anyone...delicious!?"

And she told me a story that was great to hear...

She went on interchanges to Orquideas one day and was able to see our fruits. Here´s the background day about a year ago we saw a man who was throwing water out of a hole on the street to clean up so we offered to help him. We stopped and just helped him by serving him and chatted with him a little bit as we helped throw out all the dirty water onto the street. He told us we could return and teach him. We tried going back about 5 times and never found him again. I even tried going back after Hermana Najera left and never found him.

Well fast forward to an interchange Hermana Najera had in our area a couple months ago and they passed by this man´s house. He was outside and he yelled at her and said, "Hey Hermana Najera..." and so she went to say hi. Long story short, he told her that he remembered her and her companion, Hermana Wright, and that he will never forget that day when we helped him. He was sad that we never returned and she explained how we returned varias veces (several times) but never found him. He said that he was so touched by that day when we helped him and that it left an impression on him and he will forever remember our names. The hermanas are now teaching him. 

I feel bad that I don´t even remember his name. But it made me really happy to hear that and realize that ningun esfuerzo (no effort) is in vain and that we are making a difference, even though we often don´t see all the fruits. 

Little things like that really give us mas animo como misioneras para seguir adelante (more encouragement as missionaries to go ahead) and keep working. It was really great to hear that.

Aside from that, this week I studied a little more about consecration and what the means and how to be more consecrated. I remembered the quote that Melinda always has in all of her emails, that says something like, "the day obedience becomes a desire and not a burden is the day you gain power." And it´s so true. I learned more about how when we consecrate our time and ourselves to the Lord, we receive power. And that is my goal.

Hope you have a glorious week getting your last minute Christmas gifts! 

Hermana Wright

-fire night lesson

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