Monday, December 8, 2014

another week...and it´s still cold


Hello again. Hope all is going well for yáll back home. That you´re finding your gifts for loved ones, enjoying the craziness and business of the holiday seasons, and hopefully some nice fresh powder to ski on while you´re at it. 
"Home sweet home!"

Things here in Los Naranjos are actually...well quite we´re feeling like we´re getting in the holiday season by drinking hot chocolate each night. Go fight win. Still have a freezing ice cold shower...but we spent a little money and should have hot water by this Merry Christmas to us! (hopefully) (Please pray that their branch president who is supposed to install what they bought will actually take time and do it. Thanks!  Unfortunately they don't have heat because their landlord says they can't use the fireplace...I guess it's in the contract.)

We put up some super cutesy decorations for Christmas and just made our apartment (I think she meant cabin) all homie (Thanks to Shelly Evans for the decorations) But I forgot to take pictures so you´ll have to wait until next week.
Thanks to Sister Evans
Also, before I forget, I sent you each your Christmas present via mail...aka the Christmas card I sent each of you...I figured I just better tell you now that that´s your Christmas present from me this year...just so there´s not any confusion later on when you don´t get an ipad from me :)
Coffee Fields all over our area.  

Huge miracle for the week:
Last Monday we put a fecha (baptismal date) with Maritza. I am shocked and amazed and stoked! God is so good. We haven´t even been in our area for a week and we already have a 

baptism date. That is nothing that we did. It is completely God and the spirit, but it was seriously a huge miracle. We had a really sweet lesson with her, as she has a strong desire to follow God and do His will. She was really hesitant at first, but then we used the calendar and I tried following the spirit and read Mosiah 18, where it talks about "What else impedes (what other obstacles might be in your way) you to get baptized?"...and it was perfect. My companion gave the greatest testimonio that just comes right from her heart and brings so much of the spirit. It was seriously so great. I just am so amazed and happy. And I am excited to be working and learning and growing. 

Beautiful Los Naranjos
"Here in El Salvador we are having an adventure, that is for sure! It is hard work but this work makes me so happy! I love having lessons with people when it is dark outside and we use our little flashlights to read the scriptures and sing a Christmas hymn. I look up at the stars and look at the surrounding mountains and I can feel the spirit so strong and I feel so much peace."  Sister Evans

God always does His part. Always! He never fails us. We just have to trust in Him more and have more faith. And He will come through.

The neighborhood

And Maritza is keeping our hope alive as we are working with her to be baptized in a couple weeks. She is so excited and loves every moment and is soaking it all up that is just gives us so much more hope and desire to keep working. 

Aside from that things are going well. Just keeping up in the work and doing our best. Hoping and watching for miracles. 

Love you all like crazy!

Hermana Wright

PS I feel like I write less and less in my journal as the time goes on because the mission life is more and more normal and I don´t know...less time. So sorry if my letters have gotten progressively more boring.

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