Monday, December 1, 2014

Danika's newbie trainee letter home...just because

First of all, I am so happy to announce that my trainer is the one and only... HERMANA WRIGHT!!! Wooo!!! I am so happy!! Seriously, Hermana Wright is an amazing trainer and I am learning so much from her!!! When we tell people that we are neighbors in Utah every one goes crazy and its so fun!!! We are having an adventure out here in El Salvador, that's for sure!! We are opening a new area called Las Naranjos! This area is way high up in the mountains, so at night it is so cold but it is so beautiful so it{s all good!!! It kind of reminds me of going camping back home in Utah! Hermana Wright and I live in this small little red cabin, up in the mountains, and are having an awesome adventure together! It is like nothing I ever expected! 

   This past week we have been working really hard to get to know the members and the area since we are opening the area. Here, they just have a really small branch so we are working hard to transform this into a ward. There is a lot of work to do, that is for sure but we are up for the challenge!! We just talk to everyone and ask for references from everyone!! We have to be brave, because this gospel is so important, people need to hear it! Hermana Wright is a great example to me! When we were on this crazy  bus she just got up and introduced us as the missionaries and we walked through this crowded bus and talked to everyone! I just love being able to talk to people and say that I am a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!! There is definitely a special spirit here in the mission field!! I know that Jesus Christ, my Savior is with Hermana Wright and I every step of the way! I know that there are people here that need this gospel, we just have to work hard to find them!!! However, all of the people we have met here are so loving and nice!!! We have one investigator right now that we are trying to commit to baptism and she is just so sweet !! I am excited to see her growth in these next few weeks!! The people have so much gratitude even though they have so little, its amazing to see!! I can see the light of the Savior in their eyes and I just want to help them come to understand the truthfulness of this gospel! I can see that there is a lot of potential for this area!! 

   I am so excited to continue my work here in this area!! Its so different here in El salvador, but I haven't had to eat any crazy food yet, haha!! I will prob have to do that soon though, but I am up for it! Also, The language is coming along, I just need to keep working at it! I am enjoying learning spanish and I cant wait to be able to speak the language so I can help more people! I know that with my Savior I can do all things that are necessary for me to help the people. 

   I am so grateful for this gospel!! I know that the Savior of this World lives and that he will help us everyday if we will just turn to Him and always think of him. We are sons and daughters of  a Heavenly Father who has so much love for us all! I know that He wants the best for us and will help us to achieve all things that we need to achieve if we just believe! One of my favorite scriptures is 1 Nephi 1 verse 7 and it talks about how Christ can do all things according to his will for us if we just have faith! 

  Todo Esta bien!! I am happy!! 

Sister Evans

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