Monday, January 12, 2015

an email that´s way too long...but I know mom likes it...

Querido Familia,

I hope yáll had a glorious week. Mom and Dad are ready to set off on their out of country adventures. safe in Ghana, and enjoy it! It´s going to be hectic and crazy and a little stressful, that´s a given (I mean you´re teaching a bunch of locals how to do professional faux finishes in the house of the´s going to be stressful), but just enjoy it all, because it´s seriously so cool and an incredible experience. Daddy, enjoy safe, and go make yourself famous already, okay? Oh, and take me back this summer. Please and thank you.

Any one else got some crazy adventures in these next few weeks? 

This week was a good one. Full of a range of emotions and thoughts...times of desperation (is that even a word? Desesperación is the word in spanish), but finished with lots of hope and increased faith. 

In our zone meeting this week I liked what one of the Elders said...he said that instead of praying for miracles, we need to pray for more faith to then go out and look for the miracles. And that is what I decided to change. I had been praying for lots of miracles and pleading with the Lord...but i had failed in this aspect. Really it´s that I need to plead with the Lord to increase my faith to go find the miracles, and as I do that we will find them. And that´s what I did for the last few days of the week...and the more I did, the more miracles we found and the more my faith increased.

We saw some great miracles yesterday as we were able to bring two people to church and put a baptism date with another. God pushes us and makes us do our part, but if we do it, He will always do His part and make the miracles happen. But He works according to our faith, as I learned more about that this week. 

". looks like a green screen, but no,
it´s actually real life..."


Aside from that, last monday we went on a sweet hike! It was gorgeous! Had views of the cities and the whole valley, and seriously I was loving it. I will for sure be coming back there when I return. 


This week we went to look for a family that lives a little farther away. We contacted them in the street the other day and they were super nice and positive and said that we could pass by whatever day we wanted. So we decided to go looking for them. It was funny because they live below the calle vieja (old street), there´s a finca called la finca manzano ( tree estate?) and so we hiked through that for about 10 minutes until we reached a little stretch of a few more houses where they live. As we were walking through the finca (possibly country plantation?) I was just loving it and in awe a little bit at how cool it was. We were literally hiking through this little tiny trail, in the middle of the mountains, surrounded by coffee, in fact ducking in and out of the coffee plants as we hike to find a family to share the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. Does it get any better than that? I don´t think it does. 


In our visits with Madelin there are two stories that happened, one chistoso (funny) and one more spiritual.

We contacted two ladies that Madelin knew and they let us in to share a message with them. We were visiting with them (Araceli and Marta), and we had visited their sister about 3 days ago. And after we finished the main part of the lesson and gave them un folleto, (a brochure or pamphlet) Marta said, "Yeah I saw one of these folletos at my sister´s house. The little girl was reading it the other day and I asked her what she was reading and she told me that it was her punishment because she didn´t eat her tortillas for dinner." Yep, that´s right, she had grounded her little girl to read our folleto because she didn´t finish her dinner. I was dying of laughter...that´s one I´d never heard on the mission. At least the folletos are getting read, right?

The other visit we had with Madelin was with Roxana and her mom who´s evangelica. We taught the restoration and her mom seemed super evangelica at first as she said some classic lines that I´ve heard a million times, "Los profetas llegaron hasta Juan...Jesus es la verdad y solamente...etc" (the prophets were only until John...Jesus is the only true God)

Well we finished teaching the restoration (not in a perfect way by any means, but we did the best we could), and my companion asked them how they feel to learn these things. And the abuelita (granny) looked at us and said, "Sabe algo, yo creía que ustedes adoraron a Jose Smith. Yo creía que tenía Él como un Dios o algo." (I believed that you guys worship Joseph Smith. I believed that you had him like a God or something.) (Finally Danika translated for you)

And Hermana Madelin dijo, "Usted creía, entonces ahora, despues de escuchar a los misioneras y aprender, ya sabe que no es asi, verdad?" (You said you believed, so now after listening to the missionaries you know it´s not true, right?)

And the abuelita said, "Si, yo ahora se que ustedes predican de Jesucristo y habla de El. Ustedes hablan y predican bien bonito y me gusta. Gracias por lo que hacen." (yes, now I know that you guys preach and talk about Christ. You preach beautifully and I like it. Thank you for the work you are doing.) And then she thanked us for our work and everything we do and told us how she knows we teach of Christ and she is grateful for us. 

That moment just touched my heart and was something that I have never heard on the mission. It was like drinking a glass of ice cold water on a steaming hot day. It was so refreshing. I have had a million people tell me that we worship Joseph Smith or we treat him like a God...and then I explain how that´s not true and explain how he was just a prophet and help them understand. But today, was the first time that after teach a simple lesson of the restoration, that she understood completely and told us that she thought...but now knows that we preach of Christ and then thanked us for the work that we do. It was really great to hear. 


Love you lots and lots!
Hermana Wright

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