Monday, February 9, 2015

Grilled cheese and bathroom building


This week we had a noche de hogar (family home evening) with Beatrice, the grandma of los naranjos, and about 6 little girls. It was simple but really great. We made them grilled cheese sandwiches at the end and they all loved them! Grilled cheese...gets èm every time.


Sara had her baptism interview this week and passed and is excited and has lots of peace for that. She`ll be baptized this Sunday. She`s one who`s visited with the missionaries for ages, but had various doubts and such, so it`s been a long process for her, but we`re excited to be part of it now.


Bathroom building number 2 on the mission. Saturday we went to help Sulma start digging the hole to build a bathroom. It was definitely a success. We enjoyed it, they enjoyed it and were very happy with the process. We got maybe 2 meters deep...maybe a little less, but we did it quickly as we could all help and switch off.  


This week we planned a huge activity we`re going to put on here this week. So here in los naranjos there are so many rumors and anti mormon stuff and lots of people are scared to listen to us or even talk to us because of rumors or things they have heard. Presidente Spjut asked us what we can do to change that...and we got thinking. So we came up with the idea to rent out the cancha and do an activity there. La cancha (the park or court) is right in front of the entrance to the colonia, and it`s in the middle of everything. They often have big political events, or cultos (worship events) or activities there and tons of people go. Plus it`s in the middle of the city so anyone can easily walk by and see it and stay for a second and then leave.

So this saturday we reserved the cancha and we`re going to have a night with mormon mensajes and speakers and testimonios. We picked the videos and who is going to speak and we made the program yesterday. The idea is that anyone can walk by, watch a 5 minute video, feel the spirit, and feel a desire to know more. It is so that the people can see what we believe and rather than be opposed, they can have a desire to learn more and feel it. We`re relying lots on God and the spirit to touch the hearts of these people and that it can be a success. But we`re really excited about this. 


Ana was almost impossible to find this week. (The one who had the dream) We literally passed by every single day this week looking for her and have failed to find her. We weren`t sure if she really wasn`t there, or if she was hiding from us (welcome to the mission ha), but tonight we were able to find her and it was glorious.

The first thing she said was, "Oh, why have you guys abandoned me?" And I was so happy to hear those words, as it meant she wasn`t hiding from us. We explained how we had passed by every day this week looking for her and she was pleased to hear that and happy that we found her again. We shared a little bit about prayer and about el dia de reposo (the Sabbath Day) and she didn`t want to really commit to church, she was very hesitant and said vague comments like oh we`ll see, and in the future and such. Then we finished the lesson, and her and her daughters were chatting with us a little bit and asking us a few questions and such and then as we left Ana yelled at us and said, "I`m going to church this Sunday. And I`m going to bring my two girls, esta bueno (is that ok) ?" And we were stoked as the spirit was working in her and she promised us to come next week. The best!


I love this work so much. I can`t begin to describe even an ounce of how I really feel. It`s impossible. But I am happy. Really truly happy. And I truly love being a missionary, a representative of Jesus Christ himself, sent forth to preach the Gospel and share this with everyone. Despite all the desafios (challenges) and difficulties, it truly is a marvelous work and wonder. Do I have to come home? (You bet she does...:))

Love yàll lots and lots. And even more.


Hermana Wright (Hermana "Ride" in El Salvador, the way I explain the pronunciation of my name)

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