Monday, September 29, 2014 clave (Humility...the key)

Dearest Familia,

How´s it going? I hope all is going well in the great US of A. God bless America!

Things here in El Salvador are going well. Same old same old...we´re teaching lots of people, looking and trying to find those that are prepared and ready and willing to accept the gospel, getting wet by the rain almost everyday, finding new and strange bug bites about every other day, eating various things, watching the miracles unfold each day, and enjoying the work and the chance to serve the Lord. 
"This is called a Schmaco (like s´mores, but a taco). 

I am falling in love with this work more and more each day. It´s truly amazing. And having a killer awesome companion sure helps a whole lot. We´re praying for one more change together. Fingers crossed.

It´s really sad to see how much pride destroys our spirits. And to watch how pride really is the beginning of every fault. We need to always be humble and rely on the Lord and recognize our unworthiness before Him and ask for His help and guidance in everything. 

I don´t ever want to become that person...the person that thinks they are better than everyone else...the person that is too prideful and selfish to think of others and help others...the person that ignores God and looks as my own will. That´s the person I never want to be. I want to obey God. I want to be a faithful and loyal follower of Christ, in the way and order that He has established. And I am going to pray for constant humildad to recognize that and to always rely on the Lord. 

Saturday we got to go to the women´s session of conference. Apart from the fact that we missed the first speaker due to El Salvador time and lack of preparation, we were thankful we got to hear the other speakers. I loved the talk from Presidente Uchtdorf. He talked about how we can follow the path of discipleship. He said this includes obeying the commandments...ALL of the commandments, and not just the ones that seem easy or enjoyable. Sometimes we act like children with a plate of vegetables in front of us...we don´t want to eat it, even though we know it´s good for us. Sometimes we are that way with the commandments from God. 

He asked, do we really know and understand that God knows better than we do? Do we understand and believe that He wants the best for us? If we truly believe this, and that God wants us each to return to live with Him, then we can live all of the commandments, even the ones that seem hard. 

He compared this to the rain. The blessings that God wants to give us is similar to a torrential rain storm. He literally wants to pour down the blessings from heaven on us. But unfortunately our sins and disobedience stop the blessings from reaching us, just like umbrellas stop the rain from getting us wet. But as we obey the commandments, this help take away the umbrellas and lets us receive that torrential rain storm of blessings. 

Really, the decision is ours. And our motivation to live the Gospel of Jesucristo, changes when we better understand the purpose of God.

"The conferencia with the hermanas en el barrio"

To walk the path of discipleship is not bitter and treacherous. In fact, quite the opposite. It is amazingly sweet and rich and full of joy and happiness. And the most amazing part is that we are the ones who get to choose it. 

I love this Gospel. I know it´s true. I know God lives and loves us, each and every one of us. And I know that His way is always the best way. May we all live a little more like God would want us to live.  

And so life continues...let the crazy cycle of the week began once again. 

Love you lots and lots.

Hermana Wright

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