Monday, September 22, 2014

2 Buses down, lots more to go...


This week we got the chance to meet with Elder Ochoa, he´s the first counselor in the Area Presidency. It was a reunion that literally lasted all day. We left the house at 630, got to the church around 7am to prepare. The meeting started at 9am and we were there until 5pm. But it was sure powerful and we learned so much. We learned a lot from him as well as a lot from the spirit. 

Elder Ochoa talked a whole lot about faith as well. He told us about how he has a collection of 100 or so scriptures that help him increase his faith and he challenged us to start our own collection. I am going to do that. But really, faith is everything. And we all need to increase our faith. 

Red Mountain

As part of that he talked about talking to everyone and he told us that really we should be shouting this message to the world, we should be announcing it on the bus rides and everything. But he was serious about the whole bus thing. Well as we left to go home from the reunion, we had to take a bus, obviously, and I knew my duty and that we needed to contact in the bus. I told Hna. Paredes we were going to do it, she was much more penosa and nervous, but I was pretty nervous, and really didn´t want to do it, to be honest. But I knew I needed to. I have a message of peace and happiness and everyone needs to hear it. And those that are ready and willing will be open to hearing the gospel. So, I stood in front of that bus and shouted to try and find someone who wanted to accept an appointment for the future to visit. We got one man who gave us his information. And while I felt full of fear and not wanting to do it...I felt like a million bucks after. The best.

Pupusas!! (I´m getting pretty good family...
so get excited)
Now the adventures are getting really interesting on the mission. Gotta love it. I went to Candelaria again to do interchanges friday, and me and Hermana Garcia decided to contact another bus. Buses contacted = 2. Good times. 

So why? Why do I stand up and look like a crazy person in front of a bus full of people, preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Why have I become that person?´s because I am beginning to better understand my purpose and responsibility as a representative of Him, and the responsibility I have to find those people who are ready and waiting to hear this wonderful message of peace and happiness. 
Making Tortillas.

Time is seriously flying by! In one month I will hit my one year mark. That´s craziness, seriously. 

Not a whole lot to tell yáll. I still absolutely love my companion! And I really love this area. Another change together here would be marvelous! But it´s unlikely. We´ll see. Until then, I´ll enjoy it.

The church is true. Don´t ever forget that.

Love you lots and lots. Praying for you always. 


Hermana Wright
"It was pretty for about 10 minutes before we left the house...

...15 minutes later is was frizz again, ha!"

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  1. I love the idea of having a collection of scriptures. I know each time I reread the Book of Mormon my notes and marks are like journals to me. What a great idea! I could just picture Danika - channeling her inner Samuel the Lamanite - preaching from the front of the bus. What a great example for me to follow. Thanks for sharing!