Monday, September 8, 2014

Random mix of thoughts and events...


We ate lunch with Hermana Estela. This sweet sweet lady, she just LOVES and ADORES the missionaries. She made sopa de pata...which is super famous here in El Salvador, but I´d never tried it. It was quite the adventure. 

"Poor Elder"

1. She gives us SO much food, it´s ridiculous. But we were blessed to have the Elders there with us and so she gave us much less than normal because she loaded a bunch on the plate for the elders. Tender Mercy. And when there was a huge blob of who knows what part of the cow it came from...that was in my bowl, but as she turned away I was able to sneak that little guy into her soup bowl. I saw the opportunity and I took it. God wants us to be proactive and autosufficient. And He provided a manera and I took it. It was entertaining and I ate the part of the cow intestine that she left in my bowl. Not a big flavor, just a strange texture. 

This past week we realized that we played the roll of marriage counselor, therapist, athlete, missionary, nanny, etc. Wow, the things we experience on the mission. Just two young girls counseling others on how to learn and grow and be happy in life. It seems a bit ridiculous, doesn´t it? Is it because we have a ton of life experience? Definitely not. It´s because we´re called of God and we have been given authority to do so. And that is the beautiful thing about it all.

I have been working on really refocusing and giving my all. Not that I´ve been out of focus, but there have just been little things that I have slacked on or gotten comfortable. But I´m working on repenting and remembering my goal to forget myself completely and really turn outwards always and help others like Christ would do. So I´m refocusing and excited for the chance to learn and grow. Things are going well.

The other day it rained a whole lot. Torrential down pour. (well that often happens actually) The streets turned into rivers in some parts and it was definitely an adventure. A man passed by us and offered to give us a ride through the street to pass through the river. So we jumped in the back of his pickup and he drove us through the river and up the street. I absolutely adore moments like that. They are just surreal, never can capture them on film, but just have to enjoy them every step of the way. 

Road or River?

Claudia is going to be baptized this week and we´re thrilled. Love that woman.

Aside from that, this week I was caught up into lots of reflection about how wicked the world really is today. I have a million thoughts on the subject, but not time to share or desire to type them all. But it all starts with pride and lack of faith and confidence in the Lord. Oftentimes we think we can do it ourselves. Oftentimes we think we´re strong enough to resist this or that. Or we think that this commandment or that commandment doesn´t apply to me. We need to remember who we are. We´re children of God, and He wants to guide us. But we need to let Him. We need to be humble to recognize that we can´t do it alone. We need to always confide and trust in Him, and overall have more faith in Him and His son Jesus Christ. 

How can you trust more in the Lord? What do you need to change to be more humble before the Lord? 

Love you all like CRAZY! 

Loves and prayers I´m sending your way always.


Hermana Wright

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