Monday, September 1, 2014

Short and sweet....or maybe just short...


Well, there´s opposition in all things. This week was so so. Had its good and bad moments. (I guess that sums up every week of everyone´s life, so pretty general haha)

My own personal dressmaker.  :)

My health was pretty off this week. As a result, I went to the doc in San Salvador again. He didn´t have much to say ha, just the same old, that I lack digestive enzymes to digest food, so he changed the meds I´m taking and told me to try that for the next month to see if it helps, and once again if not, to go back and see him. Go team go. The only bad news is these new meds make me have to pee every 30 minutes. But seriously,
I´m not joking. Not the ideal situation in El Salvador.

Tracting here.
Apart from that, the work moves forward and I´m working to be better. Changes are this week and I found out this morning that we don´t have changes!! Woohoo!!

Love you lots and lots family.


My companion.

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