Monday, June 9, 2014

Una semanas de stories...(last week's letter)


Most important, I just have to let everyone know that mom wrote me an email this week and in her email she used "true dat!" Yep...that just made my week.

Sorry about my letter last week. It was a crazy pday, a lot happened, I didn´t have time to write before hand, so it was kinda short. 

Long story short, we were the only companion in trio, so last monday they informed us that Hermana Ortiz (the new missionary that we were training) had emergency changes to Santa Ana, because a hermana was sick was going to be companions with the nurse. So it was kinda a crazy day and this last week we´ve been back to just two of us. 

But you wanted a longer letter. So here are some stories for the week from the good ol´journal:

1. It´s hotter than hades here right now. When it rains it´s wonderful. But when it´s not, it´s quite the heat.

2. I have two super ampollas (blisters) on the bottom of my toes and they hurt like a maniac. 

3. Today we got trapped in a field and had to jump a barbed wire fence. It was quite the adventure. Consisted of giving my shoes to my companion and switching and trying to keep our dresses from ripping. Good times. Oh...and then after we tackled the barbed wire we saw the place where we could have just walked out. We had a good laugh fo sho. 

4. Today we walked by a house and there was a young girl inside listening to "It´s my life" By backstreet boys (I think), and she was belting it singing it (in english). It was hilarious. 

5. the other day we met a family that let us pass, Mari Chavez. Her She has 3 kids, 9 years old, 4 years old, and 2 years old. The 4 year old is adorable and our first lesson we gave her a folleto and he immediately took it and started turning the pages and examining ever so carefully every little page of the book and was bien interesado en eso. The second time we visited them, we were singing and he came up to me and asked me for a folleto. I gave him a new one and sure enough, the same process...he wanted to read it ever so intently and examen every last inch. It just made me think...this little kid is so smart. And he wants to learn. He definitely has that desire. But unfortunately I don´t think his family can provide a path for him that´s going to give him much success. I´m not saying that he can´t have success...but he´s going to have to fight for it and not fall into the same path that many others fall into to just make a day´s wage and live day to day. And it made me have a stronger desire to prepare myself financially so that I can give my kids the very best. Not spoil them...but give them opportunities to learn and grow and prosper in this world. That I can give them the same opportunities I´ve been so blessed to be able to experience. That´s what I wanted to give this little kid. I wanted to buy a bunch of books and learning games and send him to kindergarten to learn the alphabet and the colors and how to read. But all I could really do was give him a folleto. Which might do him more good than I think. 

6. Tonight we passed by a lady to visit her and her family for the second time. Here´s the funny part of the story: Well we knocked on the door around 7_45 and our cita was at 730. No one came to the door, but we thought we saw a light or heard people. Well those who have served missions know that lots of people hide from missionaries or don´t come to the door. Well there was a large space, about 4 inches between the bottom of the door and the floor, so you could obviously see underneath. I looked around to see if anyone was nearby and there were only a few people pretty far away so I thought, "I got nothing to lose". I knelt down to look under the door and couldn´t see a light so I stood up. But then my comp asked me if I could see anything and so I knelt back down to get a real good look. I was positive, no light, no one was home. Well I stood up, and right then the people that were far away were now actually right next to us...and sure enough, it was the lady who lives in that house that we were trying to visit and her two kids. hahaha...que pena! Good times. We all laughed, she joked and said, "didn´t think we would answer the door, huh?" Good times. 

7. Today was the baptism de Vilma and Walter. Yay!! It was really beautiful. And at the end Vilma gave her testimony and she talked about how she was baptized in another iglesia y that was kinda her doubt for all of this time (even though we explained the priesthood and the importance of being baptized by someone who has authority), but she said that she´s never ever felt the joy and happiness that she felt during this moment and her baptism and she was crying and she thanked the missionaries and everyone in the ward that had gone to visit her and it was just beautiful to see how she has recognized the difference and the spirit and I love it. She also was a huge example to me because she dejo a tomar cafe muy rapido y muy facil y fue increible. Ella normalmente tomo como 4 tazas de cafe cada dia. Y ensenamos la palabra de sabiduria solamente con como 10 dias antes de su bautismo, because she is only there on the weekends so we had limited time to teach her. Well she worked hard and didn´t drink cafe once the whole week before her bautismo y ella nos dijo que ella dejo completamente. Fue un gran ejemplo que si alguien realmente quiere cambiar y quiere bautizarse y toma una decision, puede hacerlo. Muchas veces no tomamos decisiones como personas, y solamente estamos esperando para alguien a hacerlo para nosotros o estamos esperando un gran senal o no se exactamente, pero fue un gran ejemplo para mi. 

I love this work. I love the opportunity I have to be here serving the Lord. I can see so many ways for how this will bless me for the rest of my life and is preparing me for marriage and a future family. And for that I am ever so grateful. 

Thanks for your love and support. Can you believe it´s already June? I swear May just started yesterday...craziness.

I hope all is well at home. I love getting letters and emails from everyone and even though I don´t have time to always respond or write back, just know that I really appreciate the letters and I love you all lots. 

Hermana Wright 

PS sorry, no fotos this week...but next week. Thanks for your pateince mom :)

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