Monday, June 23, 2014

Tatiana, the angel


I love the crazy tormentos de lluvia (torrents of rain) here. It`s the best! It`s literally deathly hot in the morning and during the day, then usually around 5 or 6 is starts raining...and it`s often a tormento. But I love it. Except for the ridiculous heat that comes before the lluvia.

Quote of the week from my comp:
Hna. Chiquin: "Usted hizo mucho ejercicio antes de la mision?" (Did you exercise much before the mission?)
Yo: "Si, mucho, me encanta el ejercicio. Porque?" (Yes, very much, I love to exercise, Why?)
Hna. Chiquin: "Porque yo puedo ver en sus piernas y en sus brazos" (Because I can see it in your legs and your arms.)

haha...I don`t know if that`s a good thing or bad thing. But it was hilarious, that I do know.

Funny story. We contacted a young girl in her house and she said we could pass by and share a message with her. So we passed and sat down and Hermana Chiquin really needed a bathroom, so she asked if she could use it. Well she went to leave and I was trying desperately to make small talk with this girl, but it was impossible. "It`s super hot today, no?" "Yeah it is." Etc. The super awkward converstion continued as my companion was taking longer in the bathroom than I would`ve liked due to the awkward situation. With many failed attempts and making small talk, finally, my companion returned and I was excited to start the lesson. "Is it alright if we start by singing a hymn?" I asked. To which she replied, "Um...actually, we`re going to leave right now, so sorry..." To which it got super awkward and we were like, "Okay..." put away our himn books and left. Hahaha...super random and weird and SO awkward. We had a really good laugh. And I taught my companion the word "awkward" in ingles.(English) 

I was in Candelaria thursday and friday working with two different companionships of hermanas there. And that area is absolutely gorgeous! It`s about an hour outside of Santa Ana, but directly in the mountains and surrounded by mountains and so much green and I fell in love with that area. It`s also HUGE. I thought El Arco was a big area, but this definitely wins. I loved it. 
Friday morning when I woke up Hermana Peterson informed me that I was talking in my sleep in spanish. She said, "Yeah, I woke up in the middle of the night and you were talking in your sleep in spanish. I`m pretty sure you were working in your sleep." Haha. I had a good laugh.

In the afternoon on friday I met a little girl that I will forever remember. Her name is Tatiana. We were looking for a reference, but no one was home in the house. There was an hermana sitting in front of the house across the street, so we started talking to her. Soon enough her sweet little daughter, Tatiana, who is 6 years old, came up and started talking to us as well. The sweet hermana told us she had talked to missionaries a few years ago, but it`s been awhile. Tatiana was eager to talk to us and within seconds gained our trust. She then told us that she had had surgery a few months ago and immediately lifted up her shirt to reveal a long scar from her stomach up to her neck. We asked her mom and she said it was an operation on her heart. It was the second one she had, and she had to have another one within a few months. Tatiana then said, "I really don`t want another operation." Which was super touching and tender. They said that we could pass by and share a message with them.

We passed and sat down and asked if we could sing. We barely got our hymn books out of our backpacks when suddenly Tatiana ran over to me and almost jumped on me giving me the biggest and sweetest hug I may have ever received. It was so tender and loving and she was radiating with love. She hugged me for a good long time and I was really touched. Then I told her we were going to sing and she stood there next to me with my arm around her as we sang "I am a child of God". We said a prayer and started sharing a message when she ran off for a bit to play with her brother and sister. But within minutes returned with a gift in hand, two mangos that she pulled down from the tree to give to us. Shortly after she ran off again and returned within another 5 minutes holding two oranges and gave them to us. This little girl, recently had surgery for the second time and knew she had some serious health issues, but she wasn`t sad, she wasn`t disheartened...but rather she radiated more love than I think anyone I have ever met. She seemed to have a special connection with us, and particularly to me. She told her mom that she wanted to go with me when we left. I don`t know what it was or how to describe it, but I was really truly touched. I had tears come to my eyes as this sweet little girl, who I had just met 5 minutes ago, wanted to hug me, touch me, give me gifts, and spend time with us. She was smiling, running around enjoying herself, and as happy and joyful as could be. And she was so comfortable to just come and hug me and show me her love. I wish I could really describe it, but I can`t. It was just really an inspiration to me and touched my heart. Before we left I asked her mom if I could take a picture with her as a memory, seeing how I knew I would probably never see her again in this life. (See photo attached.) But I at least have a foto and her named scribbled in my agenda because she wanted to draw in it. The best.

This week we had our final interviews with President as he leaves this Thursday. Our new President arrives on Tuesday. It`s kinda crazy, and doesn`t feel real, but it will be good. I`m really grateful that I had President Cordon and his family here. I really learned a lot about serving the Lord and consecration from Him and his sweet wife. But I`m excited for the chance to learn from the new President as well.

We are also in the process of looking for a new house. President wants us to have a nicer house (okay...I won`t argue with that) and also a house that`s bigger. Only two of us are going to live here still, but when the newbies come each change, he wants us to have a house big enough so that they can sleep in our place for the first couple nights. So we have to take a few hours today to look for a house. Wish us luck. We haven`t had any luck the last couple weeks so far.

Also, I have had multiple people write me and tell me that they want the uncensored version of my letters. The parts that I don`t tell my family and the challenges and difficulties and it all. I don`t know. I had plans to write a little something more about that. But today there`s not time (surprise). But I will write more about this next week. That`s the goal at least.
Love you all! Thanks for everything!


Pictures of my house that mom has wanted for so long. :)

Kitchen/Bed Table
1st Real Kitchen Sink...a luxury.

Kitchen sink in some places.  Laundry sink here.

Study Area

Beautiful Shower

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