Monday, June 16, 2014

Happy Padre´s Day to "the World´s Okayest Dad" :)


First, shoutout to the pops! Happy Father´s day!! Hope you had a glorious day, got to eat some delicious food and enjoy yourself. And the subject is a joke. You´re the bestest (just in case you didn´t get the joke :)) Love you like crazy!

Nate's gift to dad.  The family thought it was
so funny so I had to send Danika the pic.

Last monday afternoon we got the call about cambios and I had changes. I had a feeling all along that I would be leaving, and Hermana Dominguez felt the same, even though she had more time in the area, so I think I was prepared for it. It´s just kind of a weird feeling to know that you´re leaving and won´t see these people for maybe years, or maybe not until the next life. I was a little sad to be leaving El Arco, but know it´s for the best and excited about my knew area. 

I am really grateful for Hermana Dominguez and the chance I had to be her companion, especially for 2 changes. Yes, there were some really hard times, that´s the truth. But I learned a whole lot from her. She taught me a lot, helped me be a better missionary. On top of that we enjoyed ourselves together during the good times. We laughed our way through the crazy times and we could enjoy the hilarious things about every day. And that was amazing. 
Me & Hermana Dominguez..good-bye!

Now I am in Santa Ana, an area called Colon and my new companion is Hermana Chiquin. I knew I was going to work with her since there are only 4 areas of hermanas that are lideres and only us and Colon had changes...teehehe. But it´s very different. We are about 5 minutes away from the mission office, which is weird since I´ve been far from the office my whole time so far. We´re in the city and it´s a little more sketchy, but the truth is not really. I don´t feel in danger in any way, but I know that´s really just cause I´m a missionary and my plack keeps me safe (or really God).

Let´s see...Hermana Chiquin is super great. She´s really chill and calm and a little hard to read. We´re very different, but I think we´ll get along well. She doesn´t understand sarcasm, which makes me want to joke with her more cause it´s adorable. And she´s super sweet and innocent, but has a huge heart and knows her purpose here and I´m excited to be comps with her. 

Hermana Chiquin from Guatemala
Not a whole lot to say about this week. Let´s see...
I´m just trying to remember and get to know the members and people here in our new area as well as learn to manage the area this week before we started doing interchanges and I have to be the guide. So it always takes a little more effort mentally, but it´s good. There´s some things that I think I can really help improve here and get going (well not me, but I think God can use me as an instrument in His hands to improve some things, cause let´s be honest, I can´t really do much), but right now it´s slow as I am just getting to know everything, so I´m learning more and more patience (not my strongest quality). 

Random thoughts:
-We walked by a field today and there were a bunch of el salvadoreans playing american futbol. I was shocked. I did a triple take and then was like, "What the what?" And then still wasn´t over it for the next couple hours. It was super strange. Why would they be playing american futbol and not soccer? That NEVER happens here. 
-Also, world cup started yesterday. I had plans to go to Brasil for the world cup. I remember looking into details and planning it out as it´s always been a dream of mine to go to a world cup. Welp...then I decided to serve a mission. And everywhere we go the people are watching the games. It takes everything in me not to sit down and start watching with them. But I´m resisting the temptation so far (dos dias, woohoo"). Maybe I can go to the world cup in 4 years. Shout out to Jenn Frey and Bowman...hope you´re enjoying yourselves!
I was tempted to climb this tree everytime we walked past it. 
It´s literally ginormous (look at the size of the goal), and I was kinda obsessed with it. 

Story time:
Also, funny story for the week. Last night we were having companion prayer, my companion was saying the prayer...well next thing I knew I woke up, still on my knees at my companion´s bed and she was sitting there waiting for me. I asked her how long I had been asleep, she said about 4 minutes, but she didn´t know if I was praying or not so she didn´t say anything. Haha...nope, I was just asleep. Oops. The following night: We just finished companionship prayer. Hermana Chiquin ofrecio la oracion y en el fin dijo, "Que bueno que no se durmio esta vez." (Hermana Chiquin offered the prayer and at the end she said, "It's good that she didn't fall asleep this time.") Haha. I busted up laughing. Classic.

Rainy season. The joys. Well since the majority of houses have tin can just imagine what it´s like to be inside visiting someone when it´s raining. We literally have to scream to communicate, and sometimes that doesn´t suffice. Then we try to sing hymns or have prayers, let alone compartir un mensaje (share a message) with the spirit. Adventures ha. 

I wanted a picture in the middle of the herd of cows
my entire time in El Arco.
This was the best I could do. 

Well, not much else to say. I felt like this letter was just a mix of random thoughts without organization. Sorry peeps.

Thanks for always being there to support me. The other night I thought about the support group that I have between friends, family, ward members, neighbors, etc and I was just amazed thinking about it. It really means the world and I feel that support and prayers constantly. Love yáll like crazy.


Hermana Wright
Jose, Dinora y Jaquelin. I was super sad to leave behind this family. But when they get baptized hopefully I can get permission to go. 

Victor y Moises y su hermanita. I love these kids so much. Really I do.

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