Monday, June 9, 2014

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Que tal? I hope yáll have had a good week. Changes are this who knows what will happen. We´re pretty sure we´ll have changes, I doubt that we´ll stay together, but we´ll see.

Last week we found a shop here in Ahuachapan that is like´s the best. I bought a camelback backpack and a north face backpack type thing...they cost me 8 dollars each. I´m pretty proud. I only came on the mission with 1 backpack...but I have acquired a few while I´ve been here.

I also bought a mosquito net to sleep in about a month ago. I have to tell you...I absolutely LOVE it. 
I´m definitely bringing it home with me. I feel like a little kid again, crawling into my blanket fort that I made for a slumber party. The only difference is I get to sleep in it every night and I´m 25 years old.

Not a whole lot to say this week to be honest. We had our last reunion as lideres with Presidente Cordon. It was awesome as usual. The new president arrives the 26th and he leaves the 28th. Aside from that, we worked hard this week and only saw a few results when only 2 people came to church. A little disappointing as we felt like we work really well. But we´re looking for ways to improve and to change to bring more people to church each week.

ward activity...a luau...the primary dancing. What more could you need in life?

Hermano Angel
Watching the grand changes in people is something that is truly rewarding and incredible to be a part of. It´s amazing to watch as a family starts to come closer together. To watch light and joy fill their eyes more and more each time. To watch hearts soften and open up to new ideas and to having God be a part of their lives. To watch a man that never wants to pray to start praying and see his desire to now make God a part of his life. To watch as unity and love and the Gospel bring true happiness into a home. And while they barely have enough food to eat and the water seeps through the tarp that acts as their wall or roof of their house, it doesn´t matter, because they are happy.

That is truly incredible to see these changes. I absolutely love it and I am ever so grateful to be a part of it.

side note: we´re only matching for the luau activity....
we don´t normally go around matching haha

Love you guys like crazy! Shout out to Trevor for his birthday this week! Enjoy it. Eat enough cake for the both of us. Why? Well 1, because I won´t be able to eat any. And 2, because I know Melissa will make it and it will be delicious!

Hermana Wright

Vilma and Walter who were baptized and Hermana Daisy (la hermana de Vilma)...Wendy is the little girl in front...I´m kinda in love with her. I could spend all day with her and be just as happy as can be. She´s hilarious. And so spunky. And she´s only 3. 

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