Wednesday, May 28, 2014

short letter...sorry friends, but it´s just how it works


Are you guys reading Preach My Gospel like Elder Ballard asked us to read in General Conference? If so...what are you learning? If not...get going on it :)

I have learned a lot in these 7 months as a missionary. But one thing that I have learned is to really appreciate the repentance process. All growing up I heard the work "repentance" a million times. But when I was a little kid, it was more of a castigo or a word super intense. When I got older I realized that it wasn´t something super bad or super horrible. But only now on the mission am I really learning that repentance is simply another word for change. It´s a principle that I´ve learned to love. And I am still learning to love it. Because it means we have a chance to change, to become better, to learn and to grow, and to improve. I make so many mistakes, every day. But God has given me the chance to learn and grow and improve, por medio del proceso del arrepentimiento. And that´s something amazing. 

We went to the temple and it was always. 

The truth is, not sure what else to say this week. 


Hermana Wright 

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