Monday, May 5, 2014

A stroll in the park...


It´s official, the rainy season has begun. And to be honest I´m pretty excited about it. Why? Because it means there are going to be a whole lot more adventures, it won´t be as hot when it´s raining, and who doesn´t love to play in the rain? My hair is going to be a lot more wild and frizzier...but what else is new? I never could tame the mane before anyways. 

Bautismo de Jovi

Rain & our new comp

Wednesday was changes. And while Hermana Dominguez and I didn´t have changes ourselves, we received a newbie. We are now training and in a trio. Her name is Hermana Ortiz, she´s from El Salvador and she´s waiting for her visa for her mission to Mexico, so she decided to start here while she could. She´s sweet, but walks super slow. So I´m trying to learn patience and love her ha. Cause sometimes it just seems like more of a stroll in the park for her. Silly silly. 

Last Monday we made pupusas with the familia Pimentel. It was my first time making pupusas. It was fun, and it did not seem that hard, but in the end after eating them, the pupusas weren´t that delicious. They were just okay. I think I need to practice my pupusa making skills so when I get home I can make delicious pupusas. That´s my new goal. 

This work is great. I´m more determined than ever to work like a crazy person this change to do everything I can to help others feel the power of this message. 

I love you guys a lot. I´ll talk to you in a week it seems like...kinda weird that Mother´s day is already here. I guess that´s why I don´t have much to say. Talk to you soon.

Hermana Wright

PS Nate, I will improve my letter writing next week. Thanks for the suggestions :)

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