Monday, May 19, 2014

Hamburger meat and Ataco


I had some complaints from the fans, and I had a little extra time Sunday night, so I wrote a longer letter. Not sure if it´s better quality, but it´s longer ha. Hope this suffices. 

First, I´ve been asked, how am I doing? As I often write about investigators and experiences and less about me. Well...overall I am doing really well. I am happy overall and I am doing my best to become the daughter and the missionary that God wants me to be and I´m working each day to get the most out of this mission. So I´m happy in general. In these moments right now, if I´m completely honest this change has been hard.  These last couple weeks especially have been a little rough on me to be honest, but I´m praying for strength and knowing that chances are we´ll have transfers in 3 weeks. 
Baptism of Bryan. Go team go. We´re working with his step dad Carlos now. His mom is a member that recently just became reactivated.

 This week I was gone in Ataco working with two companionships of Hermanas there. First, I was with Hermana Lucero and Hermana DeLeon on Tuesday. In general, sometimes these interchanges are just kinda blah. And lots of times I wonder if I´m helping anyone at all. But I just pray and try to do my best and follow the spirit and I know it will all work out. Other times, the interchanges are answers to my prayers and amazing. I guess you win some and lose some. Day one in Ataco was just kinda blah. But day two with the other hermanas was an answer to my prayers.

Around 8:40pm on Tuesday we went to visit a family that has some members that are menos activo (less active). We walked in and sure enough there was just a giant cow´s leg on the table and he was cutting up all the meat to sell. Totally normal, don´t even worry about it. There were another two legs behind him and there were about 6 people just hacking away at the meat. It smelled awful, but was quite the experience to watch them cut up this cow. It made me never want to eat meat. 

But that only lasted for about 15 minutes. Once we left I was craving a nice juicy hamburger. 

Then on Wednesday I was working with Hermana Garbett and Hermana Escobar. At one point they asked me if I was ever close to getting married at one point in my life that brought up the whole fact that I was engaged once. They wanted to hear the story so I gave them a very shortened version at night before we went to sleep. To quote Hermana Garbett: "You were engaged...and now 
you´re on a mission..." I just laughed. Yep. 

We also had a cita (appointment) with Diana (one of their investigators) and Elder Flores came with us to the cita with Diana to tell his conversion story because it is similar. He is a convert hace 2 anos (a convert of 2 years). He was in charge of a group of jovenes (young people) in his church before he met with the missionaries. He was the leader of these jovenes between 18 and 30 years old. And he said that he even told them lots of time, don´t go to the Mormon church and stuff like that. Well one day he went to church with a friend that invited him and after started meeting with the missionaries. Well within a few weeks he had prayed and received his answer that yes, this church was true. So sure enough he made the decision to get baptized even though he was a leader and in charge of these other jovenes from this other church. Well next thing you know he started inviting all of his friends to church and within the next year and a half 18 of those jovenes from the other church were baptized and joined the church. Yep, that´s right, 18 of them. And then they all started inviting their friends, and when Elder Flores started going to church it was a little branch. Well now the asistencia (attendance) reached over 300 people and they split it into two wards and it´s grown like crazy. A bunch of those kids are on missions like him and it seriously is the coolest story. He literally brought 18 young adults to the truthfulness of this restored gospel and the joy of this message. How cool is that? I was just amazed and it was neat to hear the story from him and see the joy and happiness as he told it. Legit.

This week we´re going to the temple! I´m stoked. Go team go.

Aside from that, not sure what else to say, except I love you lots. 

Thanks for everything familia. 

Hermana Wright 
Transportation in El Salvador. Classic!

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