Monday, November 3, 2014

Happy Halloween!


Happy Halloween! If you didn´t send me pictures this week of your Halloween costumes, I better get them next week. That´s all I have to say about that. 

Let´s see, what happened this week. I got some nice meds to take to help my arm not fall off from the bug bite. Good times.

She didn't say I couldn't post this.  
I got robbed on the bus again. Fail blog. Oh and me and my companion have officially turned into major gringas...since we´ve been together we´ve made grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup, we made homemade oreo cookies to celebrate halloween, chips and salsa, and just about any type of gringo food that we haven´t eaten in over a year. Good times. That´s just what happens when you get a gringa companion who just understands.

Aside from that, this week I completed 1 year on the mission. Yep, that´s right. What is this world coming to? Here are some thoughts from my journal as far as that goes:


Happy 1 year to me! It´s my one year mark in the mission today. Exactly one year ago I left my home in Alpine, Utah and drove to good old Provo to drop me off at the MTC for 2 weeks before heading to El Salvador. I remember my first couple days and weeks when I finally arrived in El Salvador and if I´m completely honest my thoughts consisted of the following, "Wow, what did I get myself into? 18 months is SO´s never going to come to an end."

But I knew that I committed myself to serving the Lord. I came because I wanted to serve Him. I came because I knew that I had the truth and everyone else in the world deserves the chance to hear it as well and to have the blessings that I have. And I committed myself before the mission to lose myself and forget myself and focus on the people and the work and do everything I could to serve the best of my ability. And so I worked on doing that.

Well, now it´s 1 year later and I am in awe a little bit about that. The time has gone faster and faster as the days go by and I am ever so grateful for the remaining months that I have. And 1 year later my thoughts have changed drastically. Rather than thinking about how long the days are, I am thinking how I can get everything done that I need to in that day. Rather than thinking about all the cultural differences, I am thinking about the people and how we are all just the same in all the world. Rather than thinking about how tired or hungry I am, I am thinking about what God wants me to do and how I can be an instrument in His hands to help serve His children. I really truly love this work. It is a privilege and honor to be a part of it. And it is incredible to watch it move forward. I am grateful that I have 6 more months left on the mission, as I have so much more to learn and grow before I come home and have to figure out what to actually do with my life (yeah...just not thinking about that right now). Happy 1 year to me. 


Aside from that, my companion got super sick this week, high fevers, loss of appetite, etc. She was in bed Thursday, Friday, Saturday and most of Sunday. I was able to leave for a few hours each day to work with members, when I could find a member to stay with her, but the work was limited. She doesn´t have dengue or chinkunguya, so who knows. We´re going to do some more tests today to see what the status is. 

Aside from that, nothing too crazy. I love you all and praying for you lots. I know life is full of challenges and trials, but that God is always there to help us and guide us. Always. So trust in Him. 

Love you lots!

Hermana Wright

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