Monday, November 24, 2014

new adventures ahead...

Querido Familia!

This week I walked past a lady that had a shirt with the Washington Capitol on it and a little paper that said, "I´m just a bill". It was the best! I immediately thought of that song and movie we watched as kids. Good times. Flash back to the past.

The best, or funniest, thing that happened to us was when we contacted a house and the lady came to the window and told us that she would be happy to receive the missionaries and to send the young men to her house. We asked her if we could go in and share a message with her, and she said no, that she will only accept men. She said, "But send some nice young men like you two, white, with green eyes." I was so surprised and not sure if I understood right. Then I asked her why and she said that no, she doesn´t accept hermanas in her house cause she doesn´t want to look "gay" and so she will only accept the men. We left that house and just started laughing so hard. Yep, that was real life. So funny.

Saturday we got to teach Edgar Perez, and he wanted us to teach him in english so we brought Hermano Orlando to come with us. He never asked us before because I was with Hermana Paredes, but now that we´re both gringas, he said that we have to teach him in english. It was so much fun teaching in English! I seriously loved it. And I felt like it was so powerful testifying in my native language. It was a really good lesson and also so much fun. One reason why I was hoping not to have changes.

But I do have changes.  I am going to train and open a new, we´ll see what the future holds ahead. (This happens Wednesday...Valerie Evans arrives Tuesday and Danika has a one in five chance of training her).

Aside from that, this week I studied a whole lot more about the plan of salvation, where we came from, what our purpose here on the earth, and more depth about these details. I wish I had more time to share my thoughts. Fail blog. The time is never sufficient. But just know that God lives, that His plan is perfect, and that as we follow Him and try to do His will, we will return to live with Him. And while satan tries to destroy the plan of God, we have more power than him and it´s our choice to follow him or to follow god. So choose to follow God instead. 

Love you lots and lots! Hope yáll have a Happy Thanksgiving this week!

Hermana Wright

PS sorry, not time to send pics. But I still love yáll

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