Monday, November 17, 2014

Birthday week!

Querido Familia,

So this week I don´t have a lot of specific thoughts or long stories. Rather we saw two huge miracles this week that were the best birthday present from God ever. Dayana changed her job and her husband agreed to get married. God is really so good.

I got my two little birthday packages in the mail on Wednesday. That was such a great surprise! I absolutely LOVED the birthday sign. It was an amazing idea and the cutest!! That´s the perfect gift for a missionary. And for anyone actually. And thanks for the chocolate.Thanks for the package! And tell everyone else that participated thank you SO much! And that I LOVED it!! Seriously the best.

We had interchanges on Thursday and I was out of the area. We met up Friday morning to do interchanges again, so when I got back to the apartment my cute companion had hung up my sign that mom sent me and put balloons around. Also gave me a snickers cake (and by cake I mean snickers bars with candles in them). So that was fun.

I didn´t actually feel that old when I said I was turning 26....that is, until an Elder in my district was joking with me and said, "You´re turning 14 right?" and my response was, "Ha, yeah, something like that, just 14 plus 12"....and that´s the moment when I felt old....knowing that 14 plus 5 would be the age of this Elder. Good times.

It was a glorious day, I was working with Hermana Castro all day on interchanges and she is a gem, so that was a great day. 

Snickers Cake

But hands down the best birthday present ever was when we went to visit hermana Dayana. We didn´t have plans to visit with her, but our cita fell through and I thought of her so we called her and she was home so we went.......

I´m not sure if I´ve written about her or not. But I think so. quick summary is that her husband is a member, not active. She´s not a member but wants to be baptized and be a member con todo. But she´s a nurse and has to work on Sundays. And it´s like impossible to change her job and she´s asked a million times. 

Well we finally decided to fast together with some ward members, her and her husband, and the missionaries in the district, so we did that about 2 weeks ago....

So she opened the gate and let us in and I asked her how her day was, and she replied, "Tengo buena noticia." (I have good news). Immediately I froze. "Fui a San Salvador hoy" ella dijo. (I went to San Salvador today) I was stopped, waiting for the good news, and she paused and I told her, "digame digame!" (Tell me, tell me!) And she said that she was able to change her job and so she can go to church on sundays. I just wanted to cry. I had the biggest smile on my face and I was stoked. God is so good. He really does do His part...always. We just have to do ours. I was in so much shock all night. I didn´t even know what to share with her, I was at a loss at words. But ever so grateful and a huge testimony builder for her and for us and for everyone. 

I wish I could write more details about the story and miracle, but there´s just not time. The best part is her husband also agreed to get married and so we have a date with them for the 20th of December. I´m hoping I can come back for that one, as I´ve been visiting this family for 5 months now and I´ll probs have changes next week. But we´ll see. Just love them so much.

Well thanks for the million birthday wishes and cards and emails. I wish I had time to respond to them all, but I just don´t. But I really appreciated getting lots of mail and emails. It always means a lot. So tell everyone thank you lots and lots. 

And family, thanks for being the best! 

Love you lots!

Hermana Wright

"For your entertainment..."
"I may or may not have 3 pairs of colored crazy spandex pants. 
I love El Salvador."

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