Monday, August 4, 2014

las colochitas


Good week. 

We did interchanges one day this week and when we got on the bus to head back to our house, we ended up getting on the bus going the wrong direction. 30 minutes later we had taken a tour of Santa Ana and we're back at our starting point heading the other direction. Adventures.

Aside from that, the work is moving forward and I still love Hermana Paredes more and more each day. People have started calling us las colochitas (I think the translation is something like "curly haired girls"). 


Friday night we got to play soccer. The elders came up with the idea to play soccer to get the jovenes (young people) excited and animated and because lots want to play against the missionaries. We asked our zone leaders and they said it would be alright. So we played from 8 to 9pm that night. It was great! Dreams do come true. And we had some less actives and investigators show up.

Today we had a neat lesson with Salvador. We met them by contacting his son outside his house and when he saw us he said, "Pasen." So we passed and taught them. His wife makes tortillas for her work and they have a son named Jonathon. Some things he thought about our church from rumors include: that we don´t pray, that we worship Joseph Smith (for any that are confused...we don´t, we only worship Jesus Christ), and that we don´t believe in the Bible. Well now we have explained our real beliefs and invited him to pray and ask for himself. And as he prayed to God, to ask Him if this is true, he now  knows very well that this is true. He just needs to trust in God and move forward with his answer. He knows he needs to increase his faith and confidence en Dios. It was really special and powerful. I love that part of the we watch people pray and receive their answer and seeing in their eyes the light and the can literally see the them and seeing that they now know. Then we just try to help them gain the confidence and faith in God to act on their answer.

Apart from that we are working with Julia and Miguel to stop smoking. And trying to help Claudia and Julia prepare and accept to be baptized as they know this is true. Prayers appreciated.

Apart from that it rained and we got soaked last night as we left our umbrellas in the house. (a common occurrence). I love that. A lot. And I really love the mission. It is truly amazing!

Love yáll lots and lots and lots. Thanks for the prayers and support. Yáll are the best!


Hermana Wright

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