Monday, August 18, 2014

And the work continues...


Que tal? I hope all is going well in your various activities and walks of life. I am praying for you each always and love you lots and lots. I know that I´m not always the best at writing each of you individually each week. But I love you more than you know. Keep me updated and posted on the things going on your life, I love getting updates and hearing how everything is going. Love you lots.

This week my companion turned 22...we had a little surprise party for her one night. Go team go. 

The craziest thing happened this week. So last Saturday we made jello and we put it in a big pitcher to put in the fridge because there wasn´t another container. Well in these days we had just eaten a little bit here and there and taken it out. Well we all know that Jello doesn´t change it´s form, and that if you take a big spoonful out of the jello, when you come back you still have the spoonful missing. So our jello had been all eaten at the top and big spoonfuls, so it no longer had that perfect, glasslike surface. Well we pulled the jello out of the fridge today to take a couple bites and we looked down and it was perfect. Perfect, glass like surface, no marks or divits. Nothing. What the what? That doesn´t happen. Seriously, so crazy. Haunted jello? Absolutely. No but does that happen?

Birthday Party!

 Apart from haunted jello, not too much craziness to report this week. I love my companion a whole lot, can´t believe that this change only has two weeks left. Praying that I get to stay in this area with Hermana Paredes at least one more change. I need at least one more change here with her. And I need one more change in this area. Two would be nice.

Oh, and I got news that la Familia Lino from Ahuachapan, their parents were inactive, but we reactivated them and baptized their kids Jorge and Johanna...well this saturday  they are going to the temple to be sealed as a family. And we asked President and he gave me and Hermana Dominguez permission to go! I am so excited! So Hermana Dominguez and I will be reunited and get to spend this glorious day with them in the temple. So neat.
"Jesus"...cutest old man I know.

Aside from that, I love you lots and pray for you always. 

Thanks for your love and support. 


Hermana Wright

Cow bone soup.

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