Monday, August 11, 2014

Busy week. Full of miracles.


An amazing week. Full of activities, but amazing.

We had our consejo de lideres (leaders council) con Presidente, our ward activity and a temple trip for investigators.

For our ward activity we had a Gastronomica Festival. Each organization chose a country and made a type of food that was typical from that country and they had some dances typical and it was really great. As missionaries we chose USA and made rice krispy treats...super easy and delicious! It was a hit and everyone was asking me for the recipe. Go team go.

 For the temple trip they chose Hermana Leal and I to teach the plan of salvation. It was really fun actually. I like teaching in these temple trips. The spirit is really special, and it`s neat to be able to see all these people coming through and learning more. Oh and I got to see Mirna and Paty and Elizabeth from Juayua! The best!! (Another advantage of teaching in the temple trip)

One time this week we went to visit a less active family and they had a friend visiting, who`s a man. When he went to shake my hand, he grabbed me and pulled me in to kiss me on the cheek. I don`t think I have ever felt so awkward in my life. WAY too much personal contact for a missionary.
5am waiting for our investigator
 before the temple trip.

With Claudia is was a week of a lots of progress. Wednesday we had the saddest most heartbreaking lesson with her I`ve ever had (in my life). Long story short is she`s having some hard times. Ask me for details after the mission. But we all cried during this visit. We visited her each day after that. Made french toast with her one night to enjoy some time together. And yesterday she came to church. Yesterday we went to visit her again and her whole rostro y light in her eyes has changed. She has really felt the spirit this week and sheh told us that she has seen the love of God through us and other ways and that today in the church she felt like she wanted to cry at different moments and she felt happy and peaceful. She has really felt the spirit and she knows now that she needs to change some of her expectations, her expectations de Josef and herself as well. She knows she`s demanding, but she has the best heart. The truth is, I love Claudia so much, it`s incredible. I just want to spend time with her, help her with her progress, and really I would give everything for her. It`s amazing how much you can come to love someone so quickly. Especially on the mission, and really see that the love of God is immense. It`s unfathomable. It`s really truly is amazing. God loves us so much. So so much. And he`s really a part of the little tiny details of our lives. Each and every detail. I love seeing the miracles unfold before my eyes and being grateful for them, and then watching for more. I love the manifestations of God`s love for me personally, but also for each one of his children. And I love seeing the manifestations of God`s love for them, por medio de nosotros (through us). It`s really truly amazing.
Look who I found in the temple!
Mirna, Paty and Elizabeth from Juayua!! The best.

Mom would be sew proud!

I love the mission. It`s really truly is the best. (I heard missionaries say that a million times throughout my life...but I never really understood it until now that I am living it).

The church is true. Don`t forget that.

Hermana Wright

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