Monday, October 20, 2014


Querido Familia,

This week has been full of changes. And has felt pretty long as a result. But it´s going well.

 I ended up staying in my area. A big shocker for me since I have almost 5 months here, but I´m happy. Presidente called me before changes and told me I was going to get a new leader as a companion so to help her and he said that this will probs be my last change as a sister training leader since I´ve been in the role for almost 9 months now and other sisters need the chance. He told me there´s a good chance that I will get to train starting next change. Know what that means? I have a good chance to train Valerie Evans since she comes next change. That would be legit. We´ll see what God wants. 

My new companion is gringa...Hermana Cutler. We actually came on the mission in the same group, and we sat next to each other in the bus from the airport to the house. We bonded and talked about how it would be cool if we were companions one day. Well, here we are. Crazy. But having a gringa companion is so different. First, because we can´t speak english or we often speak in spanglish. It´s pretty awesome, but my vocab is going to be so messed up when i come home haha. And we get a whole lot more cat calls and creepy men with 2 gringas. But always an adventure.

Hermana Cutler

Changes are always hard after a really good companion. Hermana Cutler is really great and I´ve learned so much already from her. But since I´ve been here so much longer, I´ve had so many experiences and seen growth and change in so many people, and my love for each of them is so strong. So it´s hard when someone else comes and doesn´t share that same connection or love or hasn´t seen all the change and growth to understand. But that´s normal in every change and I know it´s for the best. I have a great companion. We´re struggling a little with finding those that are prepared and ready and I had some moments of frustration this week for various reasons. But I´ve had some good conversations with God and learning more and more. Praying for more faith and energy to do the work I need to do. Feeling your prayers always. So thank you.

The other day two members stopped by in the evening to bring us cake. Well they opened the door and I started talking to them. We were having a conversation, some what, in the fact that Paty was responding with "uh huh, yep, etc." Well then my companion asked them, "Do you guys speak ingles?" And they responded no. To which I then asked, "Wait, was I speaking Ingles?" Yep. I was just speaking english to them but didn´t even notice because my companion understands when I speak english, spanish, or yeah...that was awkward. 

This week there was an earthquake in El Salvador. It wasn´t near our area, but we sure felt it monday night when we were planning there was a pretty strong temblor. It was pretty nuts. Lasted for about 25 seconds or so, which was pretty long, and everything was shaking. It´s surreal when the ground and everything literally starts shaking. When something that is usually so solid and firm and steady starts shaking and´s quite the feeling. Makes one grateful to Dios for all that we have and our blessings. 

This week we had a special experience with la familia Anaya. I love this family so much. We went and visited them on Thursday and we were talking about baptism and that´s when the phone rang and Salvador (papa) answered in the lesson. Well as he was talking I heard something about how someone disappeared. I asked Jonathon (the son) what happened, as he was sitting next to me and he told me that his brother disappeared last night. What? I was in shock. Salvador got off the phone and told us that he didn´t want to tell us the news. He said he was going to tell us the news at the end of the lesson. Then he just started crying, and Carolina started crying as well. I got tears in my eyes and it broke my heart to hear that news. Apparently him and his girlfriend got in a fight the night before and he decided to walk home from Santa Ana Norte to here, to Nazareno, which is super far. Well he never showed up and they aren´t sure where he is or what happened. 

We immediately changed the topic to the atonement and my companion got the impression to talk about fasting. We brought up the fast topic and decided to start fasting together that evening at 6pm. So we started the fast. We called them at night, around 9pm and still didn´t know anything. 

The next morning we called around 745am His voice was happier and we asked him how he was doing. He replied, "I´m feeling really blessed." He then told us that they found his son and he was alright. He told us to pass by in the tarde to see them. He confirmed that we were still fasting and we said yes. 

We finished the fast extremely grateful for the miracles. We passed by for la familia Anaya around 6pm when it was time to finish the fast. We went in their kitchen and all kneeled down and said a prayer together to finish our fast. Salvador went and bought some pan and jugo to eat together. Then his son Luis Mario came in and we were talking with him for a little bit. He´s going through a tough time with all of this, so he was sitting there crying throughout our little conversation. We talked about prayer and relying on God and invited him to church. Salvador shared his testimony again (man this guy is just more and more converted each day) and he invited his son to go to church with Jonathon. It was really special to be able to finish the fast together and sit and talk for a few minutes. It was amazing to see us all come together in fasting together and see God work miracles as they found their son the next morning. But then how we all finished the fast in gratitude and praise for God. It was a pretty neat experience to be a part of and I am grateful for that. 

God is so good. It´s amazing. If only everyone could just realize that and see that...this world would be so much better.

I love you all so much. Praying always for you.


Hermana Wright

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