Monday, January 20, 2014

Las cucarachas, las cucarachas!


Elder Quentin L. Cook is coming to El Salvador! (Or it´s possible he´s already arrived). There are 3 missions in El Salvador and all the missionaries are going to meet and hear from him this Thursday in San Salvador. Woohoo!!

This week we also rebuilt slash cleaned out Francisco y Rosario´s home. They are two viejitos (super old) and Rosario had a stroke or something and as a result can´t really walk well and struggles to talk and such. But their house was basically about to fall over. Their house I think I´ve talked about before, but it is absolutely incredible, incredible in the fact that it´s incredible how much garbage they have in their house. And I don´t mean garbage in a derogatory way, but literally garbage. Poor Francisco has a fetish for collecting garbage and I think he thinks it´s useful. But their house is literally full of garbage. Anything you can possibly imagine is there (or was in their house). A million bottles of all kinds, little ribbons, torn bags, shoes that have been buried in the earth for who knows how long, etc. Let´s play a game...think of something, anything in the entire world and we´ll see if they had it in their house...a toilet bowl? Yep, they had one of those. Part of a TV? Yep, that too. A million tape measures that don´t work for anything? Yep. Not to mention that all of this has been hid up for ages in this house and as a result is full of dirt, cockroaches (literally a million), ants, spiders, rats, and snakes. Let´s just say it was an adventure! As always. And to my surprise, while I thought their house was quite tiny, it´s actually a sufficient size, but it was just covered in garbage. It was a little comical because while we were cleaning out everything, Francisco was collecting some of the things we wanted to throw away and putting them aside. Pobrecito! (Poor thing)

Us and the members worked basically everyday this week to rebuild their entire house and clean it out. The members worked more as we could only offer a couple hours a few days, but the bishop bought new laminas (laminate) and wood and it looks pretty awesome. One day we dug through the clothes that they had and there were so many cucarachas (cockroaches). Like so many cucarachas. We lifted up a shirt and there were about 15 or 20 that would run away and scurry ha. We would pull out one shirt and shake it and then all stomp on the cucarachas to kill them. Divertido!(Entertaining). On top of that me and Paty and Hermana Najera started washing their clothes because they probably haven´t been washed in over a year, in the minimum. The water was pure brown. Like hot chocolate brown. And their bed was basically a few cotton balls on springs. But now they have a new bed, a new house, and no garbage. It´s absolutely beautiful. (I´ll send lots of pics). 

 As far as the rest of the week went it was a busy and tiring week. We were a little frustrated Saturday as we feel like we´re working hard and doing our best and we don´t have many people to teach, at least not many positive investigators. We don´t have families to teach, and we´re looking for new ideas and ways to find new investigators. Praying for strength to know how to find those who are ready to receive this Gospel. It´s hard to believe that´s it´s already Monday again, but I´m working hard and doing my best to improve. 

Love your guts,
Hermana Wright

PS I tried to send pics but we are writing in a ciber (internet cafe) today cause the internet doesn´t work in the iglesia (church) and it´s super slow so I couldn´t up load any photos. I was bummed  cause I have lots to send with cleaning their house and everything, but I´ll send pics next week. Hopefully. Loves!

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