Monday, January 13, 2014

Favorite skill I´ve acquired thus to build a bathroom

Querido Familia,

Funny stories regarding how people hide from us as missionaries:
-One time we were walking down a street and the kids at the end of the street saw us and some of them ran away to their houses whispering "the missionaries!". When we reached the end of the street one of the kids said to us, "Is it true that you guys carry kids away in your backpacks?" Haha. We had a real good laugh. And then responded and told the kid yes, the rumors were true. 

-We contacted a lady in the street and she told us she was Evangelico but we could come to her house and visit. We came to her house and were greeted by some kids running around playing. We asked for her mom and she ran inside. She returned and said, "Sorry, my mom´s not here." We then responded, "Well just ask your mom when we can come back and visit her." The little girl, with a look of surprise on her face as we discovered her secret, went back inside to ask her mom. She returned and said the same thing, "She´s not here." We then asked her in a whisper, "She´s there isn´t she? Our little secret." The girl smiled, giggled, and nodded her head. Kids are the best. 

I´m ready for these ferrias to be over for "Cristo Negro". Each colonia has a different reina (like a miss america, but for the colonia) and each night there´s dancing, music, and a celebration for the reina in the colonia. I mean it´s cute and all, don´t get me wrong, but 15 days of this? Necessary? I don´t think so ha. It´s harder to find people in their houses and the fireworks and music literally last from 3am until 2am the next day. Ha. Adventures.

Arnoldo passed the sacrament today in his white shirt and tie. Super stoked about this. And his mom is progressing well. We´re working with her to put a fecha down, but there´s something holding her we´re working on that. 

Yesterday we went to visit a new family that we contacted last week and they were working on building their "bathroom". Basically it is like a giant well in the ground. There´s a giant hole and someone repels down in this hole and digs up the dirt, and then we pull up the dirt with a pulley. After they dig the hole they are going to put a "toilet" on top to use as their bathroom. But it´s quite an adventure. I got to help them as they were working and we volunteered. I loved it. It´s fun being able to serve others and especially in random things such as building a "bathroom" in El Salvador in the middle of the mountains. Legit. We´re so spoiled in the states...we have bathrooms, lights, and running water (not to mention running, HEATED water). Simple simple things that we take for granted a lot.

Aside from that, this week was good overall, but hard to find families and people in their homes with all these festivals. We had a reunion on Tuesday with just the Hermanas in our mission and it was really great. I learned a lot and am working hard to improve and be better. As far as the work goes it can be frustrating at times, as I want people to just understand. I want this for others so bad. But at the end of the day it´s their choice. I know without a doubt that this Gospel is true. I know that this church has the authority of God and that through Joseph Smith we have the restored Gospel, the same Gospel that existed when Christ was here on the earth. I know why I am here on the earth. I know I´m a daughter of God and I have purpose and He has a plan for me. And I am so blessed to have this knowledge and it´s the reason I´m the person I am today. And I just want others to understand it and get it. But sometimes people have such hard hearts and are so close'minded. If only they will open their hearts and ask God...they can know for themselves. It´s simple, there is one God and He is all knowing and powerful and He answers our prayers. If we will just open our hearts and ask Him, with real intent, He´ll respond and we can know for ourselves. But some people don´t want to pray and don´t want to ask. I don´t understand this and I want them to soften their hearts and just do it. But at the end of the day I can´t choose for them, it has to be their choice. But I´m working hard to improve and be better. I have so many weaknesses and I make mistakes every day. I can´t do this without God. And I am no where near perfect. But I know that this is God´s work and He will make up the difference where I am weak and where I lack. So I´m working to do everything I can so that He can work miracles in the process.

I love yáll lots and lots. Thanks for your prayers and love and support. I feel it everyday. 


Hermana Wright

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